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  1. I just can't figure out why there is not more christian stuff.... hardly any christian sit com, or game shows, or computer games...... do Christians just not have that much influence on this world, or are these things not approved by God, and fail? Are they not popular among atheist viewers / users, and they don't make enough money.

    Is it because we are not supposed to belong to this world? Or are there just not that many Christians trying to actually do these things? Does it de-glorify God some how?

    We have come a long way, there is Christian rap, christian rock, and of course there are a FEW christian movies. I've seen a small handful of christian themed fantasy novels, fiction, etc. But really in the grand scheme of things there really isn't that much. There is really no reason Christians couldn't be influencing every kind of media / entertainment, reality shows, fiction, movies, etc. I mean what do we get? Wretched ? ( it's a tv show)

    And the few christian movies etc we do have are, and I'm sorry, TERRIBLE. Left Behind? Sooo bad. Even Christians were face palming at that, and another christian movie that just came out that I won't name.
    Are we just supposed to only watch preachers, and read christian non fiction, and go testify?

    It's not just about having a form of Christian entertainment either, should we not have some kind of influence on the world? Why not in media? I have long believed something can be entertaining without being vulgar, well don't plan on that happening if we don't actually make, or influence anything, and make fiction with good Christian morals in it. People are getting corrupted VERY fast by entertainment, but a "good" christians response is to just stay away from this stuff, instead of trying to change it.

    Sorry for using the word influence so much :p
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  2. Greetings tjon ,
    There are many things we as Christians can do and enjoy. There comes a point when so much of that other stuff just becomes a waste of time to us. Many things I used to do or watch even a year ago, just has no interest in me anymore.

    Be very Careful with stuff called christian fantasy. Far to much of it is Not christian at all and is full of deception.

    I play video games, well I have not in almost a year, but that's just because I am to lazy to unhook the new DVD player to hook it up to the tv.
    However there is Wise Decision Needed.
    What you play and how much time it takes up.

    For us it was GTR 2, 3 and 4. In fact one year I got blessed with 3 portable ps2's and a regular PS2 and a PS1. God is Good!

    Movies? Brother there are so many out there that are Awesome. Here is a short list of mine
    Facing the Giants (Kendrick brothers)
    Faith Like Potatoes / true story
    What If
    Gospel of John
    The perfect Gift
    WWJD both 1 and 2

    It just goes on and on.
    As we grow in Christ we change .
    Now a days I can download some new fishing and boating vids, watch some and then shut it off and switch memory cards and get the word back on. If we don't get at least 5 hours a day (most days way more) in of listening to the word taught, we just don't feel right. Lol

    Don't let yourself start looking at it like there is nothing but boring stuff. It's the start of a downfall.
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  3. This world is not our home, tjon. Yes, there are some in the entertainment industry who are Christian and having a positive effect. But not all are called to such a thing. There's simply too much other important work to be done, and too few laborers for the harvest. So we just have to accept the fact that we live in an age when "Christian" entertainment coming out of Hollywood is now largely a thing of the past.
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  4. The world needs entertainment, but God said,

    Psalms 46:10 (KJV)
    Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.​
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  5. I personally think that it is possible that we might well be far too much engrossed with the need to be entertained. Teachers can't teach unless they find a way to entertain their students to get their point across. People get bored if they aren't being serenaded or being shown a film. Our entire society is so used to being amused to hold its attention. I think we are losing some valuable abilities to spend time alone with our families, ourselves, and with God. I feel like we all are addicted to being entertained, and this addiction has accelerated since the advent of the Internet. It is my opinion that rather than try to create more movies, even if they are Christian in content, our efforts might be better spent in actually unplugging and learning to be alone with ourselves and with God. Please understand that I mean you no disrespect for your desire to see more Christian content in our world, but lately I've been called to disconnect from my devices and to learn to just quietly be alone. I don't know if I'm going to be very successful at it as I am used to being entertained all during my waking hours.

    There are those who have tried to take advantage of modern media technology to advance Christian views, hence we have our televangelists and other various shows devoted to reaching a wider audience. The problem is not that we aren't able to use entertainment to spread God's word, but it runs deeper in that people don't want to hear the message. Even if there were dozens of movies produced each year, and hundreds of Christian channels on TV, people are not interested. We are living in a world where fewer and fewer people even know the basics of what is in the Bible. When a movie about Noah can be made with scenes that show rock people defending Noah and his ark, and the audience is okay with this scene, our problem is more serious than just providing good Christian entertainment. Several decades ago this scene would have been laughed at and booed by a more Bible savvy audience, or would never have made it past the cutting room floor in the first place.

    My church has a very small congregation and struggles to survive. There is a huge crisis of complete lack of interest in Christianity. It is an epidemic. It might be that many in the free world take the freedom to worship for granted. There are still places on this planet where Christians must meet in secret and worship covertly. To be caught can mean imprisonment and/or death. Yet, in the free world, a world where people originally came to in order to avoid religious persecution, is where we are now witnessing massive secularization of our society. There has been an obvious erosion and it has been a fairly rapid decay. marked off by mere decades. Answers are not forthcoming - decay on this scale generally requires something massively drastic to occur to turn things around. All I can personally do is delve deeper into my own relationship with God, to keep myself open and receptive to any opportunities to witness to those who have never heard the Word, and to pray for a society that is clearly slipping away from a church centered life and church centered communities.
  6. I fully agree here. I've read numerous quotes from pastors and writers of how ministry has been forced into becoming "entertainment" in order to keep an audience, especially youth ministry.
    Again I agree. I find value in some good entertainment when I'm not serving God, but in order for me to hear Him in ministry all the racket usually needs to get turned off.
    Yes. I could say the same for something like the movie The Nativity, which was essentially telling the entire story from a Muslim perspective. And yet while it disturbed me greatly few seemed to even notice.
    I believe in the prophecies concerning the coming army of God, whom He will use to operate in great supernatural power and start what eventually becomes the great end-time harvest. But right now all I see is a false harvest. Lots of numbers, but very little true spiritual growth, and very little evidence of the Lord Jesus Christ actually playing much part in it. It's mostly just secular marketing methods being applied to "church growth."

    So I'm kinda in the same boat. All I can do is try and fulfill my calling, as best as possible, to prepare and train the coming army for the battle they are going to face, during a time when this culture will have devolved to the place of HATING those who truly belong to Him vehemently, and doing all they can to destroy them.
  7. Sometimes it's through that so called "Entertainment" that God reaches somebody.
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  8. IMG_0584.JPG I can learn the very best when it's fun!
    Now if the makers of Sesame Street did a remake of a the Gospels I'd be hooked for sure

    With a fully knitted Jesus,... what can go wrong?

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  9. There is much more than there used to be out there but we do have to carefully pick and choose as some of it is a mixed bag and does not line up with scriptural truth. I find the best thing I can watch as far as movies and sometimes TV are biographies of Christian people who made a difference. One of the best of the best (just nothing bad about it) is the old movie, "A Man Called Peter" which is available on amazon and maybe Netflix (not sure). It is the story of Peter Marshall, a Scottish immigrant who later became the chaplain to the U.S. Senate. It is based on the book of the same name by his wife, a very well know Christian author (Christy, Something More, etc.) Catherine Marshall. The story is both a love story and one of great inspiration.
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  10. Via Dolarossa: Those little knitted figures are the cutest ever. How sweet!
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  11. Hidden in Him: I believe that there will be a great upsurgence in witnessing for Christ during the time of tribulation. When I spoke of needing something drastic to turn people's attention to God, the time of tribulation may well be that drastic event. I once read a book on the end times that suggested that the 144,000 of the 12 tribes would be powerful witnesses for Christ during the end times. It's an interesting perspective. There's also that old saying that there are no atheists in the trenches. Perhaps cataclysmic end time events are what is going to be required to turn people's focus to God, creating the great army of God and bringing many to Christ. For now, we are living in a time of erosion and decay, so all we can do is put on the full armor of God and do the best we can individually do to praise and worship God, and to bring as many people to Christ as we can within the reach of our own lives.
  12. Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Our Lord stated very clearly that the harvest is the end of the age (Matthew 13:39-49), and it will not be by accident. The collapse of this world's economies will facilitate chaos and sin on a scale unprecedented in human history. So too will natural disasters greatly increase until death is witnessed on an almost daily basis. And it is because of the awfulness of the times that men's hearts are going to begin crying out to God as never before. And He will prove Himself to be the Only true provision for mankind when all his governmental and health care systems begin completely failing him.

    Good word, Sister! Sounds like we have many views in common. (y)
  13. there is a ton of great Christian movies now

    Check out:
    2. Kendricks Brothers
    3. Christiano Brothers
    4. Dove Approved Films
    5. Cloud Ten

    Actually here is a good list of the current day Christian movie producers:

    the way we can support them is by buying their dvds and giving them away as gifts
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  14. You have a point, but at the same time I also feel everything should be done in moderation.
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