Are We Our Brothers' Keepers?

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  1. When Mohammad heard from the God of the Jews and the Christians, he looked around and saw that the Jews he knew were money driven, and the Christians were money loving and lustful. Thus Islam was born. Mohammad, when he prayed, prayed in the direction of Jerusalem. When he died, the Muslims immediately changed that direction to Mecca. The three greatest religions in our world, all premised on the very same God. And yet we are all seperated as if we lived in totally different worlds. And that world we all live in teeters on the edge of destruction for us all. If the Christians of Mohammad's time had acted in all ways, on Christ's truth, would Islam even exist? One does not need to proslytize or beat people over the head to get the message of truth out. One only needs to act it out in their own lives.
  2. Dagnabit - Can I change the title of this thread? I meant to say Our Brothers Keepers
  3. That's pretty strong language there Silk.............
  4. I know, Major but I lost my temper with myself. :p
  5. There is an immense amount of disinformation floating around about Islam's founder and the events leading up to the establishment of Islam as a religion.
    There was a man named Kabul, who was an orphan raised by his uncle who was a trader. This man Kabul started hearing voices, and after a few months of this thought he was going mad. Finally the many voices coalesced into one voice that told him that the voice belonged to the Angel Gabriel and that he had been chosen to be God's messenger.
    At that time, that part of that is now Saudi Arabia was polytheistic, and one of the major gods worshipped was the moon god. This "Angel Gabriel", told Kabul that the moon god was the one and only true god and that all other gods should be ignored. That is why the symbol of Islam contains a crescent moon and why there is a meteorite in the Kabba. Kabul was dictated the contents of the Koran by this supposed angel over the course of several years. During this time Kabul was also exposed to Moslems and Christians, and this is where he got some of his theology and a fair amount of the moral law he proposed. He borrowed his notions of the past straight from the Jews, he borrowed his notions of law and justice from the Christians, and he borrowed his notions of the afterlife straight from the Zoroastrians.
    The name "Mohammed" is a title, it means "great one", Mahatma is a cognate.

    Much of what Kabul compiled as the Koran was destroyed or lost before and after his death.
    What was left of the Koran was compiled 180 years after Kabul's death, the Caliph who did so kept what he liked and burned the rest.

    So to sum it up, a man who heard voices, writes a bit, loses much of it, borrows doctrine extensively, and founds a religion through violence. Sounds like Joseph Smith.
  6. I got my information about Mohammed from Malachi Martin, The Encounter. It's out of print but this book is about his analysis of the 3 religions. (and I also remember hearing the name of Uriel as the Angel sent). My point in this thread was to indicate that all three religions seem to have a way of changing the message they got, whether it be Moses, Christ, or Mohammad. And the idea, coming from Genesis, are we our Brother's Keeper? That the answer has to be yes. And the way to do it is to be good christians ourselves. To be, actually, what we say we are - Christians.

    Far as I know, in the beginning Joseph Smith and his group had the violence done to them in those early days, moving them across the country to get away. The one thing I really like about the Mormans is that they used to run commercials with messages about God's love. And every year (one year?) around Christmas they sent out a free dvd of the Mormon Tabernal Choir, singing x-mas songs. I know it will be said that they did it to promote their version, and maybe it was. It was still done in excellent taste, IMO.

    According to Martin, Mohammed was not a violent man nor did he encourage it in others. He too, was run out of town, at one point and persecuted. He did believe that you should fight for your beliefs amidst persecution.

    I'm not Mormon or Muslim, nor do I want to become one. I am where I am. Their message is not for me. But, Glomung, what do you believe - Are we our brother's keeper?
  7. I would put it this way - I am responsible for how I affect my brother and how I teach my brother, however I am not responsible for how my brother recieves me or my message.

    It's an issue of scope, I am his keeper in what I have control over, after that he's on his own.
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  8. I couldn't agree more with what you have said. But isn't there or shouldn't there be care for others and what is happening to them? When God asks Cain, where Abel is. He is not asking Cain to be his brother's keeper, he is asking what has happened to Abel. Something God already knows. Cain's answer is equivalent to "how should I know" when he knew very well. Cain is trying to avoid the responsibility of his act. As Christians, should we avoid/ignore/fail to take responsibility for what we see happening to others in dire straits? Or even not so very immediate bad paths.
    I agree with your statements because you at least are trying to advise/get the message out/help the other person. If it doesn't get understood or it is fallow ground - that is the others concern. You can only do so much. But there should be no glee or I told you so when the other ends up lost. He might be more willing to listen and accept help at that time.
  9. We are to do all that is necesary to achieve the desired result, that being salvation for all concerned.
    As an example, if I were walking along a bridge and saw someone drowning in the river below it would be my reponsibility to do something to help. If I can swim I should jump in to save him, if I cannot swim I should do all I can to alert those who can. In every situation, do what is necessary as long as it is not foolish.
  10. Silk, if people would focus on the Lord and His truth, there would be no mohammad's, no Mary Baker Eddys, no Joseph Smihs, no Charles Taze Russels etc.etc.. If on hearing voices, he had rebuked them in the name of Jesus, they would have fled in great haste.
    As it was, he spent his time judging those about him, neglecting to judge his own sorry spiritual state.
  11. Calvin Posts: As it was, he spent his time judging those about him, neglecting to judge his own sorry spiritual state.

    Which he are you referring to? I had to look up Russell and tho I had heard of Eddy, I looked her up too. Early on in my career/work, I was a child abuse and neglect investigator. I never saw more joyless children as those of Jehovah Witnesses and also Christian Science (altho the last was fewer). And yet the Jehovah's, as of 2012 claim 7 & a half million members. Christian Science does not give any exact figures but it is currently estimated at below 100,ooo. It makes you wonder why Christians are so splintered.
  12. Yep. The 'he' I was referring to was that one who had many (demonic) voices messing with his mind. But the same is true of all cultist founders. From memory, (risky these days) Joe Smith started out in a presbyterian Church but had a problem with hell fire and brimstone preaching
  13. For some reason, I have lost my way here. I can't say I understand it. I want to tell you of the thrills that comes from God and our comfort to the lost. But the more I ask, are we our brothers keeper, the more I am thinking that no matter how good we do, it will never be enough.
  14. Arrrggg. I still cringe every time I see the title to this thread. We are not our brothers' keeper as in warden or correctional officer. But surely out of love, we are.
  15. You could find out what Rumely's favorite food is and send him a direct request to edit the title of this thread, just be sure to include a hamper filled with his favorites.:)

    Silk, we need to care for our neighbors with a sincere heart, knowing that the Lord is ultimately able to supply all their needs.
    That is His Job description, our Job description is to care in a practical way for people with what resources we come equipped with.
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  16. So, you know what his favorites are?
  17. Rofl.. thank you for changing the name of the thread. (walks away whistling, a smile on my face)
  18. I forgot to add - making a joyful noise to the Lord
  19. Yes it does . Do you think that he was insane Glo?
  20. I am not sure but it seems to me I read somewhere that Mohammed actually raided and robbed caravans at one time.

    If that is the case, it would be a violent act.

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