are these satanic bands???

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  1. system of a down
    hell yeah
    Serj Tankian
    static x

    all of them contain explicit language
  2. I've never been sure what a "satanic band" even was. Many will say that it's any band that teaches unChristian or worldly messages. In that case, they all fall into that category. Others claim that it's only bands that a literal satanists. I've only seen a few of those, and never any that were particularly successful. Many rock bands that are viewed as satanic are just making fun of the whole good/evil thing because they don't have the vaguest understanding of God/Satan. SOAD is just too political for their own good IMO. StaticX try so hard to "look satanic", but I had to respect that they got rid of one of their original members when it came out that he was a pervert (not that I think they actually had a choice). I'm sure there are many who will just call them satanic and will have legitimate and good reasons for such. I just avoid them knowing that they do nothing to aid in my walk with Christ. No, it has nothing to do with sound because I used to love some of these bands and much worse and I still have the tatts to prove it.
  3. I don't think explicit language makes a band satanic..... They are not like Cradle of Filth or something similar glorifying satan. Some novels contain explicit language and you wouldn't say they are satanic ... perhaps gratuitous but not satantic.
    However - if you feel that they have an influence over your life then i would stay away from them.
  4. Language is subjective.
    In actuality, 'explicit' language is only considered explicit by society because we deem it 'wrong' or 'vulgar'. Words are words.
    'Satanic' or Satanic-like influence in a band doesn't just stop at explicit language. Many words we consider offensive are not viewed the same way in other societies, so like I said, it's subjective.
    I don't think there can be such a thing as a 'satanic' band. Really. And the word 'Satanic' is used so loosely...
  5. I don't think just because it has swear words, doesn't mean it's satanic. But are those good bands? No. Back in the day, I used to listen to Slipknot and I can tell you, it brought me into a whole different place. It wasn't healthy. God wants us to listen to things that are good. So many times in the Bible, he talks about how words are important - and that words can be uplifting, or it can be like a lemon going into a wound.

    Because we can swallow the words that they are saying in the song - and we will later reproduce the words into our daily lives.
    People can deny that all they want. But it does happen.

    So we gotta be really careful of what we listen to :)
  6. I agree.
    I love music. It's a beautiful art. But I don't consider things that influence negative feelings 'music', because music should not uplift but inspire, to create emotions and images.
    I used to listen to visual-kei a lot when I was really depressed (that was when I was younger). I'm not saying anything is wrong with visual-kei per-se, but I tried to listen to it again, and it was just so shallow and meaningless to me, because the words didn't stir me like they did before. And it wasn't good feelings they gave me. I was in a continual darkness. Now, visual-kei just seems like a cheap trick to me, with banal music that sounds the same with each band.
  7. As others have pointed out, I don't think it even really matters whether they are "satanic." If a given band brings you down emotionally and spiritually, if it mocks God, if it encourages irresponsible attitudes and behavior, if listening to that band impedes your faith, it ought to be avoided.
  8. Maybe the question is: how does the respective music reflect on(persuade) you?, or: can you keep Balance when/while listen the respective music?, maybe for everybody is individual?
    Sometime i listen rock and metal, but always perceive the music only as a melody, harmony and rhythm without to give attention about the text/lyrics, and i do this with/by Faith in the Lord God.
  9. Having not listened to all the songs of these bands i could not say if they are satanic. They may indeed be worldly and therefore not edifying for Christians, but that does not mean they are satanic.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  10. All I know is that I have a natural aversion to heavy metal. I can't stand it.
  11. I have the same natural aversion to Rap, Trance, Techno, House, and Hip Hop...but I guess we can't all be perfect.
  12. I am not sure myself but Slipknot does scare me a bit!
  13. Most heavy metal music is not really good quality heavy metal. if you know what i mean. It seems to be an easy music that relatively untalented musicians with a lot of image can get into and make money from. I myself cannot stand rap another easy form of music that does not take much talent to get into. I guess some of the rappers do a half decent effort as poets. I actually love Techno gets my heart beating, basic music, but good for moving too. lol

    People like different things as far as music goes. But the focus for Christians should be on the Lyrics, the song. The message of the music. that’s what makes something good or bad or indifferent.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  14. I still compare music to food. Some people like spicy food. Some cannot stand it. Some love Mexican, others Italian. A style of music is just a style of music. To each their own.
  15. If it makes you feel uncomfortable don't listen. I listend to it when i was in my 20s but I have changed and it does not appeal to me any more. If I want to listen to screaming and hollering and weird sounds I just eat a Ghost pepper LOL

    Chili out
  16. I agree with lyrics being important in a work of praise but I disagree with the lyrics making a work (musically) good, bad or indifferent.

    I've discussed this several times over the years and my conclusion is that people tend to be either "melody orientated" or "lyrically orientated", ie we tend to have a bias to one or other of the components that make up a song. I (as mostly a player of Irish jigs, reels, etc. - dance music without words) happen to be strongly "melody orientated".

    Anyway, I've drifted a bit there but as for the original question, I'm with those who suggest going by the effect the music has on you.
  17. Define "Satanic".

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