Are there other Christian Entrepreneurs out there?

Discussion in 'Prosper' started by pedromoore, May 8, 2009.

  1. Are there other Christian Entrepreneurs out there?

    My name is Pedro and just recently started my own Internet company. I publishing and online magazine, and an Internet Marketing and management firm.

    Jeff and I partner together and added a segment for Christian businesses so that way we can fellowship with one another to possibly help each other out.

    So with that said I want to know if there are other business owners out there and if so post your business here and name so we all can connect with each other.

    I will be back frequenlty to possible post tips, articles, resources, testimonies, encouraging words pretty much anything to us Christian Entrepreneurs Prosper!

    God Bless
  2. That is FANTASTIC news. My website should be up shortly

  3. I am an entrepreneur! I am working on a site currently too, but I can't give any details out as of yet. I also own my own company doing small technology task for people, ie site building, web management, pc repair and the likes.
  4. Great! When your website is up please share!
  5. Shill that is great please share your company when you do have it up! best of luck!
  6. well i wouldnt call my Christian site a business but a ministry, can that be listed or are you only interested in Christian sites running as a business?
  7. I would like to say yes because even though it's a ministry, you still operate as a business. You have monthly expenses and you promote as an organization to fulfill a need. A ministry is really a like a non-profit and in that case yes it's still like a business because the activities are the same.

    Oh I just checked your website and you have a lot of excellent items on there. HOw many members do you have currently? I have notice you have many from across the world. I pray to have the same results with my magazine.
  8. My name is Mary Bachert and I have a candle and mineral makeup business. It has been my goal to spread the gospel in some small way and it became possible to do this under "About Us" on our web-site.
  9. I'm a full-time Christian freelance writer and writing coach. I am currently in the expansion stage of my business which is time-consuming and frustrating, but hopefully it will pay off in the end.
  10. My wife and I are in an Internet greeting card and gift business. We love sending up lifting cards to people. We invite you to take a look.

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