Are there effective online resources for a hardcore nonbeliever?

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  1. Hi-
    I know a couple of highly intelligent people who are stubborn non believers in salvation through Jesus. One is the extremely busy type. Both of them are very logical and educated. I am on the steep learning curve myself so I can not offer safe guidance. I have a nice church with a great pastor but they resist exploring a face to face visit. I'm thinking if there is a way to get them curious that may start a dialog.
    Are there any online resources that can get a hard core nonbeliever interested in salvation through Jesus?

    Thank you
  2. If someone is self assured in his/her opinion right or wrong, there is not much you can do but rely on the Holy Spirit to adjust their heart, and you yourself be ready to be used by Him.

    In reality, although you may be privileged enough to have a key part in leading someone to Christ, it is not really your fight, but that of the Holy Spirit.

    I was guided to the Lord by several Christians, but it was our Lord Himself that guided my thoughts and drew me to him.

    This does not mean that you just give up.

    As far as online works, 7ou might try pointing them to:
    (I have found much of C S Lewis's works edifying)
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  3. Ya can't plant until the ground is ready and that's done by the Holy Spirit. Ask Him what you can do and He'll reply. The rest is up to the Lord. Hardness of the heart is like a giant onion... the Spirit has to convince them to remove a layer and then another and another until they surrender... that takes time.
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  4. What do you mean by "hardcore " nonbeliever?
  5. Hi-
    Thank you very much for the advice. I am asking the Holy Spirit to have an influence and get them out of their self absorbed shells. You are all right, that is not something anyone can do alone. Hardcore non believer to me means someone who is not really open minded to GOD. They have their own answers and resist turning to GOD. This is opposed to someone who is open to dialog. I am not smart enough to engage in debates and I do not want to push them further away. Hopefully the Holy Spirit and the link provided will give them an opportunity to explore salvation.
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  6. Why aren't you smart enough to engage in debates? You are a software engineer. That has to take some brainpower to do. Give yourself a little credit.
  7. The Bible.
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  8. I am not experienced enough in the Bible to safely debate with someone. The worse thing would be to steer someone in the wrong direction. Hopefully there are good online sources of information that can reach people who think they do not need salvation.
  9. The bible is a powerful, living document. People find the truth by reading it, and the truth jumps out at them.
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  10. Best bet is to PRAY for them day in and day out and let the Holy Spirit work and see what sparks up. Where things seem impossible with man - they are possible with God.
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  11. Living your life as a believer in front of them will be the biggest wittiness to them more than anything. The "grace" of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men (Titus 2:11). You don't have to convince them, they already know what you say is true, just let them see it in you!
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  12. The intellectual apologetic approach appeals to me, and it can be a useful tool at times, but only the Holy Spirit can grant conviction of sin, repentance, faith in Jesus, etc.

    Our God is a God who works through us to show that He is. (I believe this is one of the primary meanings of God's name: I AM.) Once someone sees God act, all of the arguments against His existence, no matter how 'convincing' they are, fall apart. So let God reveal Himself through you.
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  13. Try this
    I dont know what country you from but might be relevant. Kiwis arent particularly stubborn though a lot can be somewhat pigheaded about God. For example sir edmund Hillary, he was a nz hero cos he was kinda like a self-made man. He would look down on ppl for being so weak as to need to pray to God.
    That attitude sums up a lot of nz mens psyche...everything going fine, theres no need for God. I can do everything by myself thru my own efforts.

    The Bible did call the isrelites stubborn and stiff necked. They were chosen, had the special covenant, God showed them who he was by saving them from the Egyptians and STILL many refused to believe and obey Him. IMHO thats crazy, they just took Him for granted. Often the one way that ppl come to God is some crisis or another when they got nothing to do but humble themselves. Or things like near death experiences. But everyone else is right, the holy spirit must convict. You can plant seeds tho, and just tell ppl the gospel. When they are ready, its God that unblocks their ears and opens their eyes to see.

    We just have a ready answer for anyone who questions the hope we have in us....but they the ones that are compelled to ask, it cannot be not us forcing belief on them.
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  14. Beautiful answers, thank you all. I hope that they will listen to the Holy Spirit. It is sad how some people are afraid of giving up control to GOD. One great point is we have to set an example or people will not listen.
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