Are there any COLTS fans out there?

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by graceann, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Are there any COLTS fans out there?

    hello fellow Christians! i am a HUGE colts fan. i haven't always understood football, but when they won the superbowl, i was hooked. also, Peyton Manning went to UT...and i think that's pretty cool since i live in Tennessee. and, i got even more excited when i found out that their coach, Tony Dungy, professes to be a Christian. well, anyway, if any of you like the colts let me know!
  2. Well, I guess there are no Colts fans out here yet (I'm a Steeler fan, sorry), but I am a big Tony Dungy fan (he used to play and coach for the Steelers, and his wife is from Pittsburgh). Everybody needs to read his book Quiet Strength. It would be a good book to give to a non-Christian football fan. It is much more than a football book. It is about life, and more importantly, it is about Christ.

    If the Steelers are knocked out of the playoffs, I will definitely be rooting for the Colts, because of Tony Dungy. Especially against the Patriots!!
  3. I've been a NY Jets fan for a looong time (sorry about Super Bowl III), but I'm also a Vols fan so there is a part of me which follows the Colts.
  4. yeah...i am reading that book right now! i love it... it's so inspiring how dedicated to God and his family he is...

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