Are There Any Church Hotlines?

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  1. That really did not come out the way I intended :) Actually I was trying to convey that only charismatic ministries make good use of internet.. Reformed and conservative groups do use. Not to the extent charismatics would use.. And the next statement was supposed to be another statement! If Polly is able to search about a ministry, she should be able to research about ministries in general as well..
  2. Well.................... Truth is, the Baptist have the most mega Churches and lots of resources.

    Here is the 2nd Baptist Church, running members of 23,000 each Sunday (2nd place to Joel) They have a help and prayer line.

    713.932.PRAY (7729)

    We have to be careful about categories because the Lord in these last days have started to get through our traditional churches such as Baptist concerning faith. We need to know what that looks like, and many Baptist Pastors are getting to understand that what we believe and speak does matter. Jesus said, according to YOUR faith be it done unto you, and we need to take heed to the head of the Church who never changes.

    The old Fashioned Baptist Pastor down the street was concerned about all the sick folk and those be thy will prayers not working out so well for him or his sheep. The Lord said, "What I tell you to do in James?"
    He had to read over that many times I guess, but He came to the conclusion that anointing them with oil and expecting them to be healed was the solution. If the Lord said it, and they receive, they will be healed of anything.

    Since he started to just act on that scripture his church a few years later is out of room. What use to be like 12 cars is now filled his lot and into the street.

    Praise God!! He has caught onto something by just being a doer of the Word. I doubt at this time I could convince him to teach on tongues, but His people are getting help.

    I attended a Baptist meeting for truck drivers and the music was Old Rugged Cross stuff, but I hung out at the end for some reason and he walked over to me. I knew right away He was Spirit filled and said, "you speak in tongues" He said.......... shhhhhhhhhhh, Baptist don't do that, so I don't tell anyone. He had a Word for me that I followed and it led to me getting off the road and into the place I should be. Had I just discounted him as a Baptist, I would have missed God big time.

    Anyway, God bless you Brother. victory is yours!!! Just had a talk with my son today about taking scripture and meditating on them until they go from head knowledge to heart knowledge. Heart knowledge can't be moved.

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