Are There Any Church Hotlines?

Discussion in 'Requests for Assistance' started by Polly, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. I want to contact a non-denominational church hotline. Any number is okay, no matter what country. I could contact an US or UK number as well.
  2. Polly call this number. 719-635-1111
  3. Is that a church hotline?
  4. Google gives a lot of links where it says that Andrew Wommack is a false prophet.
  5. He isn't a false prophet
  6. Andrew is sound in doctrine
  7. Then why does Google say a lot of those things about him? Or are they fundamentalists who say that he is false?
  8. Watch and listen to his audio and podcasts. Make up your own mind
  9. Polly.. Probably you are going to get numbers only of charismatic ministries.. If you are able to search about the ministry in Google and find that there are references to their false teaching, you would certainly be able to find a ministry by googling directly.. I really do not understand your motive in many of the threads you have started.. Because you already have an answer in your mind and it has never changed.. And you keep asking questions refusing to listen.. The only thing I see coming out of your threads is hatred between fellow Christians..
  10. They are people who disagree with what he preaches because they are stuck in their own beliefs. I have been listening to Andrew for a long time now and haven't found anything spiritually wrong with what he preaches. I say pray and ask God for guidance and then listen to some of his lessons.
  11. I just called him. He didn't even believe in science...
  12. What part of science?
  13. I know they don't believe in evolution
  14. They don't believe in ANY psychology. They think that psychological conditions are caused by demons.
  15. Well I know he has taught on this before and he doesn't feel all are caused by demons. What exactly did you tell them?
  16. 020 7686 6000
  17. That's Sal's personal cell phone number :ROFLMAO:
  18. Nope it's genuine helpline 24/7
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  19. Charismatic false teaching........cough....cough.... ummm

    The bible. Best help line there is as God sent his word to Heal and deliver us from our own mess (destruction) Best number there is and most people have a bible somewhere.

    The only condition is that you must do what the Word says do, not just hear only.

    Of course any "help" line would be worthless also if we were just hearers only.
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