are rapes in US college campus really as bad as media paint it out to be?

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  1. me not from US, I have been really surprised by all the articles I have read on the so called "campus" rape problem in US, even colleges like Harvard

    in this Rolling Stone article, it claims one in five women was sexually assaulted in college? really?

    is that you guys experience as well? I mean you mean to tell one in five female who went through US colleges would have been sexually assaulted at some point? which in turn means most male undergraduates ( Non Christians students I assume) who went through US colleges would be some kind of pervert?

    I mean obviously sexual assault is a very serious issue, but one in five sounds like a really high statistics, I wonder how they define sexual assault in this case?
  2. My sister in law works at a college and she says it is a big problem.

    If I was a female I'd be packing razor blades up there to give the rapist a surprise.
  3. From what I have found (and many of us have noticed this problem for years) the rhetoric and media twisted "rape culture" into something it really isn't.

    Rape is never justified, but many of the statistics on rape are false. They include women who have consented but regret it, women who were drunk while having sex, etc. The CDC's report used bad criteria for what constitutes as rape and sexual assault.

    The reason why this has become such a big problem isn't even just because, today, it paints men unjustly and uses misandry (though that's a big problem), but possibly because those who have actually been raped and abused are not clumped into a category with those who really weren't, their suffering has been watered down to very little.
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  4. great video, it explains things really well.

    that said, I googled both AEI and WashingtonExaminer, both turn out to be part of the conservative media, I never heard of either, but if they are anything like Fox news, I honestly think we should take their information with a grain of salt.
  5. I can not comment on the US but UK wise and going by nothing other than gut feeling, I would suspect it is more common than we may like to admit. I know this drifts onto other areas but read up on Jimmy Saville, we in the UK are living in a time when all sorts of horrors seem to be coming to light.

    A focus over here at the moment seems to be questioning a low conviction rate for rape but I don't know what the answer is. Any change would seem to me to likely to involve some sort of presumption of guilt until proven innocent and I quite firmly belive, imperfect though it is, our legal systems should not move from the innocent until proven guilty basis.

    Me, I'll be open here at the risk of being condemned.

    I spent 30 hrs in a police station accused of rape. I had done nothing other than walk home on a rural route to an empty home so I had no alibi. A young (18) girl cliamed she had been raped on a similar part of the walk. My solicitor advised me to go "no comment" as the only thing I was likely to be able to say would achive nothing other than confirm I was in the area at around the time. My only hope was that the DNA samples I gave would clear me although apparently, I might have ended up in a remand centre before the results came through.

    At least that was how it felt. I got some relief when rather than picking me out in an ID parade, the lady pointed someone else out and screamed hysterically. The next bit I have to go by a brothers account as I was not told this by the police. Apparently (and I don't know how he had the guts) some other guy came forward and stated her claim was impossible as he was "with her" at the time. From there, it came out she felt she was not getting enough attention from her parents...

    She was actaully taken to court for this one and got I think 6 months youth detention. Me, although unnamed, according the local press was "completely exonerated". Unscathed though, no. These things, I think live with you for life.

    So, yes my position is probably biased but it probably adds to my feelings towards the assumption of innocence before guilt.
  6. World wide, rape is a constant issue. Decades ago when I was at the University of Md we had an escort service for coeds to get back to their dorms from class or the library because it was not safe young women to walk the campus alone at night. Things have not improved.
    What has amazed me is how much of an issue rape has become in the military, even rape of men by men.
    Rape has little to do with sex, it is all about violence.

    And as has been pointed out above, our judicial system is a bad joke, which really does not help the situation in the least.
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  7. Is it that you don't trust these sources because they're conservative or because you don't know them? My experience is that non-mainstream sources tend to have more merit (unlike sources like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc). However, I wouldn't tell or expect people to take things at face value, so I'd definitely go right to the source and dig deeper. I can provide more sources if you like.

    But I also give these as someone who is non-partisan and critical of both major parties. The criteria that the CDC does use is based on non-rape scenarios. Of course, that also doesn't mean actual rape cases don't happen -- they do, and it's a problem. However, those actual cases get lost in false cases.
  8. well, I definitely don't trust Fox, I have seen incidences where they deliberately distorts truth in a big way.

    my observation is that CNN and MSNBC are partisan in a sense that they usually defend Democrats and criticize Republicans. Though in CNN's case, it did criticize Obama Care, which I cant imagine Fox ever doing the same thing.

    I don't know, I cant but noticed US has so hyper polarized when it comes to politics, and medias have certainly joined the foray.

    it seems very sad, and very concerning for the future of US as nation.

    what is even more concerning is the rest of the world fate is somewhat tied to US, economically speaking.

    that is why it is kind of scary for me to watch what is going on there......
  9. Most people don't trust the mainstream media unless they themselves are partisan. Fox, CNN, and MSNBC are notorious for twisting facts to their agendas. However, one thing that people get upset about are commentary shows that they take as news programs. Hannity, Maddow, Sharpton, these shows are not news programs -- they are commentary. And each of them love to present what is happening to fit their own agendas.

    People really have to take the news with discretion and fact check because you can't always tell what is right and what isn't. Coverage on the pope, for example is almost always off by every news source. Time Magazine may have been the only source that had their facts straight.

    The three main sources I may get for news that seems to be as sincere as possible are all independently run; We Are Change, Stefan Molyneaux, Benn Swan, and the Guardian (but only on certain subjects like foreign policy). Sometimes Mother Jones (which is almost socialist) has their facts straight and sometimes Washington Examiner (which is almost neo-con) has their facts straight, and I'm neither a fa of socialism nor neo-conservatism.

    The link I gave here from the Washington Examiner had it right. For instance, you can review the CDC survey itself (<---Link) and you'll find they had it right.

    All I can say to people who read and watch the news is this: FACT CHECK, FACT CHECK, FACT CHECK. Don't take things at face value. Do as much research as you can before having a definite position on something if you have any doubt at all.
  10. It is scary, but keep in mind where we came from. Back in the "good old days", when the big three networks controlled the news, we were fed whatever they wanted us to have (newspapers may have offered more diversity of thought). Now, though hyper partisan, we do have opposing views available. If we wish for something more nuanced, or even extreme, the net gives us options.
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  11. Really??? I guess you missed the CNN report in 2008 that said Sarah Palins husband raped his daughter and that the little boy of the family was really a product of that rape.
  12. I do not have a dog in this hunt but my goodness you comments are disturbing.

    CNN criticized Obama care but FOX would never do that. My child.......where are you getting your information??????

    FOX has been the ONLY one to challenge Obama care!!! They have been the only network to challenge Obama period! Come on....get your facts straight!
  13. IMO, you can't take the MSM for truth because it is guided by the elite money behind them. They have an agenda; it's called 'network programing'.

    It's all about the money and keeping the public enslaved.
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  14. Dear Major

    would you care to provide a source for your claim?

    CNN is definitely liberal leaning, but to say Todd Palin raped his own daughter? sounds like the kind of crazy talk that could only comes from Fox.
  15. I meant despite CNN is liberal leaning, it still has some integrity and willing to criticize Obama, I cant imagine Fox has this kind of integrity.

    Anderson Cooper has criticized Obama over the Obama care, I saw the actual video myself.
  16. You do recognize that CNN has lost credibility among all but the hard left...
  17. I do not agree with you my friend. I think you are very misinformed or you misunderstand. I do not know anyone living here that has that opinion.
  18. Again I have to disagree.

    Without a doubt, CNN/MSNBC are the most biased by far. Rarely giving equal time to conservatives.

    It is true that Fox news analysis is biased to conservatives, BUT, they always give equal time. Oreilly is just as quick to bash republicans as fast as he is democrats and always has democrats on their shows, unlike Oberman and to a lesser extend Mathews.
    Taking all of that into consideration, FOX is the most unbiased. Just not totally unbiased.
    MSNBC is by far the most biased and CNN is next IMO.
  19. Dear Major

    I have to disagree

    yes, CNN MSNBC are biased

    Fox, on the other hand, simply make stuff up or distort truth.

    so there is a difference.

    I am very concerned that many Christians such as yourself rely on Fox as your source of the truth.

    but anyway, you are not going to believe me.
  20. That is OK. I have been hit harder by bigger people than you. I live in a country where we have the ability to disagree and still be friends and this is not a deal breaker as we all look at things differently.

    Believe me when I say that my concern is the same with anyone who would base their understanding of truth on liberal news organizations such as CNN and MSNBC.

    Any one who will have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on their staff as paid "contributors" have stretched the truth just about as far as it can be stretched.

    Have you heard of Tawana Brawley???? My spelling is probably incorrect but you might want to do a search on her and see what kind of lies Mr. Sharpton, a paid consultant to CNN told in New York about 25 years ago concerning her so called rape.

    Do you have an example of where Fox made stuff up???

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