Are My Love Feelings For My Crush Real Love, Or Demonic Possession Or Something Caused By Demons?

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  1. I love Severus Snape and he is my crush, and I want to always love him, and I need to love him, and he is the man I really want in my life, he is mature, handsome, mysterious, and intelligent, and he has the same looks and personality I want the man to have. I don't like boys aged 20-29yo or of my age because they are not so mature and I wouldn't feel good being in a relationship with a boy aged 18-29yo (no offence if you are a 18-29yo boy). I am a 18yo female.

    But now I've been scared of something: I am scared if my love feelings for Severus Snape are actually demonic possession or something caused by demons, because I heard that some demons make women fall in love with some men and those demons make men fall in love with some women, but when I became a Christian, I still love Severus Snape. I want to go to the church to see a priest and I want to get some holy water too, but I am scared if the holy water or the thing what the priest will do will stop me from loving Severus...

    I don't want to stop loving Severus Snape and I would feel very bad if I don't love him...

    How do I know if my love feelings for Severus Snape is real love or a demonic possession or something caused by demons? I am so scared...

    It was 2012 when I fell in love with Severus Snape. I once had a dream one night in 2012 where I saved Severus Snape, and he survived, and then he fell in love with me, and then Severus and I were in a romantic relationship, and when I woke up, I was in love with him, and I am still in love with him...
    And in 2008-2011 I was having dreams where I met a mysterious man with black mid-long hair and pale skin. Those dreams had a different situation or topic, but in those dreams I always met the same mysterious man, and those years I also had a lot of Severus Snape coincidences, and I think that those dreams and coincidences were predictions about the thing that I will fall in love with Severus Snape, and I actually fell in love with him in 2012...

    Please, don't pray about me, and don't do any ritual on/for/to me, because I don't want to stop loving Severus Snape. It is NOT unhealthy to love fictional characters, and even if it is, I have still the right to love Severus Snape if I want, so don't try to change my mind and don't try to stop me from loving Severus. And I am very happy even if Severus Snape is just a fictional character, and I will anyway create a Severus Snape Tulpa soon. And loving a fictional character hurts less. Why do people think that love has to hurt?

    And I know Severus is a wizard/male witch, but I don't think it's bad to have a crush on a wizard/male witch.

    I am serious and honest, so don't call me a troll or ogre or orc or etc. And I am not seeking attention, I am just curious, and I am a bit worried. I am so happy when I love Severus Snape, and I never want to stop loving Severus. And no one else can be 100% like Severus.

    And please, don't ban me just because of this. I want to know if my love feelings for Severus Snape are real love, or demonic possession, or something caused by demons. What can I do so I don't get any bad consequences when I post this message?
  2. It sounds like you feel very confused. You can talk to me, and I won't judge you.

    I can't think of an easy way to determine whether or not it has anything to do with demonic possession.

    To be honest, I had a pretty hardcore crush on Hermoine a few years ago lol. Sometimes human emotion can be downright crazy, and we all experience this craziness sooner or later in our lives. When I was a teenager, I was in love with a woman that I conjured up from my imagination, and that love felt so strong and real.

    The best advice that I can give is this: spend some time praying about it, and ask God to grant you some clarity on your situation. Whether the forces that be are malevalent or benevolent, God will help you if you reach out to Him for guidance. Either way, you will gain insight and peace.

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  4. Looking back as an "observer" " back in high school/college then:

    Not including the good looking guy, of course...

    girls are attracted with the “mysterious guy” or the tough guys in black jacket or the heroic “bad guys” that really happens to have a good heart….

    …..if not the “funny with great sense of humour guy (who happens to be a repeater so he is older so he knows better with girls than us ….

    About the dreams, when you think about it, you dream about it….

    Once reality sets in (they grew up, that’s it) , those girls now looking for a partner for stability: emotional, financial, spiritual.
  5. Okay, but the thing is that I saw Harry Potter for the first time in my life when I was 6 years old, but then I began watching Harry Potter more in 2012, so the years 2001-2011 I didn't watch Harry Potter and I wasn't a fan of Harry Potter, but then in 2012 I became a fan of Harry Potter, but I became a fan after I had the dream about Severus Snape, but I know and knew who is Severus Snape before I fell in love with him, but I didn't know that what was going to happen to him. But in 2012 I heard the spoilers though but I didn't see the spoiler, and I don't want to see the spoiler either, and I don't even believe in the spoiler.

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