Are My Children Dabbling With The Occult?

Discussion in 'Family and Parenting' started by Mary-Elizabeth Thompson, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. I don't know how many of you did this already.. Check the OP's profile.. She is a mormon as per the personal testimony.. Joined the website on Oct 27th.. And this is the only post by the user.. Sounds more like trolling than anything else..
  2. Ha, I knew that...I mean...:rolleyes::unsure:
  3. Most likely the case, you know most people want help, they just don't want to have to do anything to get it.
  4. This is really an incredible story and I'm amazed because I had a similar (well, not quite as miraculous) experience. I had a bed bug infestation last year, and, like you, I prayed it away. Yes, I did have to take steps to exterminate them myself, but for anyone who has researched bed bugs, you will know the prognosis for eliminating them without extreme measures is very bad. For that reason, I consider it a minor miracle that I have been bug free for over a year now. :)
  5. Amen...

    You know, Can't we have faith in the bug spray? Ask God and believe it works better for us than for others, that it does the job and our Faith is answered and God takes care of it? That is a miracle.

    I even pray if i need to take a aspirin, I tell the Aspirin they are mighty and effected to make my head feel better, that there be no side effects.

    Should we not put our trust in God with everything? It's those times we think we know everything that get us in trouble. No matter if I done it 100 times and can do it backwards, I take a moment to Ask the Lord for Wisdom and help. We have not, because we don't bother asking.

    So it's no minor Miracle that those bed bugs are gone.

    Now I have no issue killing ants with bug spray and watching them die. Muhahahahahaha. I suspect the Lord showed up to show my Son something about the Power of His Word.

    Be blessed and thank you for sharing.

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