Are Earbuds Healthy For The Ears?

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Can Christians listen to any music?

  1. Yes, as long as it doesn't brainwash you.

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  2. No, because it's dangerous.

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  1. They have beautiful beaches too. I would love to see the coral reefs. When my kids were growing up and I also had daycare kids, I took everyone to a 3D Imax movie about the Coral Reef. It was so real that at first the kids kept reaching there hands out to see if the fishes were really swimming by.
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  2. True. :p I've seen a similar 3D movie too where it felt real. :3
  3. If the Imax 3D fish ones come out your way, you should go see it since you love the ocean so much.:)
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  4. True. :p I anyway love the water a lot, and I like to swim and dive. :p
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  5. Sometimes I'm in public, and I'm forced to listen to secular music. I could plug my ears, but people might think I'm crazy. If they think I'm crazy, then it becomes more difficult to share the gospel.

    So instead of plugging my ears, I change the lyrics to the songs in my head. There was this one song I had to hear not too long ago, and the chorus went "Monica Monica" and I changed the song in my head to "my savior my savior.

    So the point of all of this, is that it's clear we live in a sinful world, and sometimes being around it is unavoidable. But as long as we keep our eyes on Christ we can turn negatives into positives.
  6. Is the sea very cold where you are?

    I'm about a mile or so from the sea btw. I live in north Norfolk UK - North Sea coast. If I go to the coast, it's usually to feed the swans and ducks at Salthouse which live in the salt marsh area between the village and the sea. Like this...

  7. Yeah, the Baltic sea is cold. And cool! I didn't know you are British, I am a fan of Britain and British things and people as well. :D
  8. I believe these latest posts here in this thread are a bit off topic. The main topic was about earbuds and music.
  9. But is New Age music condemned, or is New Age music just music? They are music usually for just relaxing and meditation and soft sports like Yoga or Pilates, and not for doing any occult things...
  10. That's true. You could always start a post on the beauty of God's creation however. I like talking to you about it.:)
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  11. Oh, I see. :p

    I heard that in Heaven, there are beaches that are the same like South Pacific or even better. :p
  12. New age music are usually just positive and relaxing instrumentals. The tones are positive and often meant to resonate as positive frequencies. God created by faith using positive frequencies of love, so nothing is wrong with it. God is the one who gave us positive energy and frequencies.

    Unfortunately New Agers don't attribute it to Him, but it did come from Him, that is the true God, God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
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  13. I see. :p I even heard about Christian New Age music...
  14. lol like at the gym if I forget my headphones? That's the worst..
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  15. Good to know. Thanks Olivia.
  16. Interesting thought but I do wonder whether there is a universal measure as to what might constitute positive frequencies, etc.

    I think familiarity can play a part. Even something like Banish Misfortune can sound a bit odd to some as it uses a mixolydian scale, most commonly Dmix (that is the scale you would get if you played from D to D on the white notes of a piano except for the F which is F sharp). There's nothing unusual about the scale, it's just encountered more often in say some traditional music than in other genres.

    While typing the above, the subject of micro tonal music came to mind. It's not an area I've gone into but I've just found this and the opening explanation interesting.

  17. I remember when I was studying music in college, there was something referred to as the devil's fifth, the number may not be write so don't hold me to it. I know that Tony Iommi, guitarist for Black Sabbath, discovered it accidentally and it became a major part of his writing. It does sound creepy and dark when you play it. I've played guitar for years and experimented with this scale. I must admit, I felt uneasy while I played it.
  18. I've just don't a bit of searching and found this: . Would that be it (perhaps the Black Sabbath player discovered something already known?) or is it something else?
  19. He discovered it on his own while playing. Later he learned what it was. It's the augmented fourth. It was banned during the renaissance in church music.
  20. Yeah it's everywhere now. He's in his 30s or 40s, he was at a pizza place and they were playing some pretty bad secular music. He asked them to change the station or turn it off, and they told him they didn't know how.

    To stay on subject. At that point a good pair of earbuds would of cane in handy. The monster turbine copper pros are good, just don't wear them while walking on train tracks :S
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