Are Earbuds Healthy For The Ears?

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Can Christians listen to any music?

  1. Yes, as long as it doesn't brainwash you.

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  2. No, because it's dangerous.

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  1. Considering that the earbuds are stuck deep in the ear canal, and the music is heard inside the ear canals...

    How healthy are the earbuds?

    I don't listen too loud though, but since this is my first time I ever use earbuds, it feels a bit funny to listen to music with my earbuds... It feels like they immediately enter my head...

    Previously I only used over the head headphones...

    Also, now talking about the music... Can Christians listen to any music, including music created by the Illuminati musicians? I listen to all types of music, and (unfortunately?) I listen to popular music that's played on the radio, like Lady GaGa, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry. But I usually listen to Anime music and dubstep only... Anime music is pretty innocent though... Anime music usually talks about good type of romance and happiness, and usually anime music is innocent bubblegum music from Japan in Japanese... I used to listen to a lot of Nicki Minaj too... But I listen to all types of music... And I am not brainwashed or influenced by the music...
  2. I Dj, some churches too :). I've gone through a lot of headphones and earbuds. A good pair of earbuds will actually protect your ears. Also with earbuds you can get customized heads to perfectly fit your ears.
  3. True...

    The old earbuds were really stupid, they never fit in my ears, but these new models of earbuds are very good and they fit in my ears now because there are different sizes of heads.
  4. The music thing is up to you. For me, there was a natural progression into Christian music that started with worship in church-- now that I know secular music is pleasing to satan I have no desire to listen to it. I used to tho-- I just switched to all Christian music a couple years ago.. I love connecting with Jesus thru worship music. I've been to several christian concerts and they are AMAZING. Far and away better than any Madonna or mainstream artists concerts. IMO.
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  5. I don't avoid secular pop music because I'm worried about being's because I would rather song and hear songs about Jesus. I just really adore Him :)
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  6. For me, it was a progression as well to listening to Christian music full time. I noticed I never changed the channel after 3 months or so. It wasn't intentional, secular music just had no appeal anymore.
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  7. I prefer earbuds to over the ear headphones btw.
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    Interesting. For me, I suppose it's a sort of "go with your conscience" thing. While I'd for example avoid music I felt was giving me thoughts I shouldn't have, I don't make the secular /Christian === bad/good some others do.

    I mostly left popular music when I was in my early 20s (and still an atheist). I've rarely been in situations where eg. a radio is exposing me to new music I might in time pick up and have felt no desire to keep up with it. I have for example heard of Lady Gaga but I haven't a clue what she sings and when it comes to something like a question on pop music on a quiz show I watch at tea time, I find most of the time I've not even heard of the the artist the question is about.

    Another thing with me is that I'm more melody (and I suppose style) orientated than words orientated (quite often a song can pass me by without me taking a blind bit of notice of the words) and the greatest part of the music I both listen to and play regularly these days has no lyrics to think about or debate.

    As far as Christian music goes, I like old hymns but as a general rule don't get on with more modern stuff. The way I seem to listen to music, much of what I hear seems to sound like re-branded modern secular music in styles that I've never got into. Maybe in some cases, my tastes will change over time and maybe one day I will like some more. I don't know but I'd find it difficult to image that I'd for example be likely to hear Chrsitain Rap (I've read that there is such a thing) as being musical any more than I'm able to hear secular rap as being musical.
  9. A question out of curiosity. Take this as a piano piece:

    Then think of it as Bach's arrangement with German words (assuming we don't speak German). And next think of it using a set of English words. I'll use what Wikepedia gives as literal translations from the German:

    Well for me that I have Jesus,
    O how strong I hold to him
    that he might refresh my heart,
    when sick and sad am I.
    Jesus have I, who loves me
    and gives to me his own,
    ah, therefore I will not leave Jesus,
    when I feel my heart is breaking.

    Jesus remains my joy,
    my heart's comfort and essence,
    Jesus resists all suffering,
    He is my life's strength,
    my eye's desire and sun,
    my soul's love and joy;
    so will I not leave Jesus
    out of heart and face.

    How (if it all) has the music itself changed to you?
  10. Oh and as for earphones, etc. My own preference is for headphones with a reasonably flat response. My own usage is mostly for dabbling with electric mandolin/electric guitar although I sometimes plug into a mixer which is connected to my PC. I'm currently using Audio Technica ATH-30.
  11. The problem with headphones is that they are not good at blocking sound. So if you are in a place that has any kind of outside sound it will cause you to turn up the headphones which in return will damage your hearing. Earbuds block out sound the best.

    If you have both try this test. Set your iPod to a certain volume and listen with the headphones and earphones.
  12. I'd guess that depends on the headphones? I could be wrong but I'm under the impression that professional (mine btw can be labelled "pro" but they sort of £50 compared to the £200+ headphones) quality headphones for mixing would be very good in this respect?

    Either way, it sounds a point to keep in mind although it's not usually an issue to me personally (Home is quiet and I very rarely listen to music on phone etc. and when out and when I do, I use earplugs for portability - there are a couple of pairs here somewhere...).
  13. Yeah, earbuds are much better, and the music no matter what genre is more relaxing actually when listened through earbuds. :p
  14. Any ideas why you should find that?

    The least relaxing way I found to play the music was using some PA stuff I was playing with but I'd put that down to a pair of 15" subs and (and this is without playing it really loud) I think your whole body feeling the bass notes. I thought it sounded great but you couldn't really switch off to it.

    That said and on sounding great, I have found that some mp3s, etc. that will sound fine on cheap portable players and earbuds will actually sound awful when you play them through something like that PA system. I think some of it would be down to material being mixed to suit the limitations of the smaller equipment but I've also found it with recorders. I remember trying some stuff my brother had recorded on some video/mp3 recorder he'd bought - he was quite surprised how bad it sounded on my equipment.
  15. Oh, I listen to music from my computer and phone only...
  16. Also, people. What about New Age, ambient, and chill out music? Can Christian listen to these types of music? I really love these types of music, they are so relaxing and they make me think of the South Pacific. And I like the beaches on the South Pacific. Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, etc. :3 And those types of music also make me think of the Pacific Ocean underwater full of colorful fish, corals, and sea plants.
  17. I often listen to a lot of these types of instrumentals. They are very beautiful and relaxing. I love underwater fishes as well. There are so many colorful and unique fish that God created. There are at least 20,000 known types of fish. Have you been to any of the South Pacific beaches you are talking about? They sound incredibly beautiful. I love watching the sunlight on the waves and the relaxing movement of the water. I live in Southern California, not to far from the beach.
  18. I've never been in the South Pacific, but I've seen pictures of the South Pacific... Google Fiji or Vanuatu beach for example.
  19. The water is amazing at those beaches. The light blue water is incredible and the white sand even adds to the beauty. Where I live the water is darker blue. I can see why you would want to visit those places. I wouldn't mind going myself.
  20. I see. :3 Someday I want to go to Australia as well. :p

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