Are All Rulers God-appointed? Romans 13, John 19

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  1. Then does Gods Word not apply to America?
  2. It does! It applies to the whole world! But the United States did not exist at the time of its writing.
  3. The democratically elected leaders of nations like ours, davelou, serve us by being our leaders.
  4. More like CEO of a corporation. The people being share holders, with power to replace executives, when they lead in the wrong direction,as is the case today. The problem is too many our share holders are not invested. It won't be long til the US is just like Canada, or some European socialist country. I realize the rest of the world hates the US, because they are envious, and want to knock us down a few notches. And, that sentiment comes across very clearly in your communications. It won't be long, with the socialist/communist officials, we have serving in high places, til the US is just another nation among nations. There is no hope for America. And without the US as the super power, there's no hope for the world. The is ripe for the antichrist to step in. If the kind of authorities we now have, can obtain power in Gods country, and Christians have fallen away as they already have, then the beast is right around the corner.

    "All democracies are doomed to failure,when the electorate learn that they can use the power of their vote to take private property away from others."
  5. If it's any consolation, I don't think the US will ever be like Canada or Europe. Like you, we used to be a British colony, but have developed along a different path. We got our independence from the British Crown by asking nicely. :D
  6. I think that's true.

    It`s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, though.
  7. These are truly exciting times, in which we live. With the US, being just like the rest of the nations; no longer the "City on a hill," no longer having her greatness, there will be no place for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. Without the USA, there's nothing to hold up the rest of the nations. There will be no USA, no Canada, no Mexico. We will be the North American Union. There's no one to stop the next Hitler, and the antichrist knows this. The day the US falls is the day the tribulations begin. "He who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way." Uncle Sam will be out of the way.
  8. "The rest of the nations" existed long before the USA.

    The Roman Empire used to say that about itself. That empire fell, and here we still are.

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