Arabian Horses Poem

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  1. Arabian Horses Poem

    I know it has absolutely nothing to do with God - but they're my favorite horse breed other than some others. Enjoy.

    Arabian Horses~

    Nostrils flaring, muscles rippling, manes and tails whipping.
    Come Arabian stallions and mares, their foals running alongside.
    Sand flying, the heat rippling the great Egyptian desert as these
    steeds run side by side.

    In the stables, the tossing of heads and kicking of heels shows energetic
    colts as a hot summer's day ends.
    A horse-like groan, a pained whinny - the first breath of another precious life
    is born.
    Prancing, adorned with jewelry comes a prancing black stallion, grace and
    elegance that cannot be captured by any bit.

    These are the Arabian horses - born in the golden sands of Egypt, spirits of
    fire, wind, and earth - powerful unbroken spirits.

    Galloping across scorching sands and rocky terrains, the oldest pure bred horse
    in the world - and the most beautiful.

    Never underestimate an Arabian.

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