Appropriate Swimwear

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  1. Appropriate Swimwear

    I have one basic and simple rule when it comes to what I will and will not allow my teenaged daughters to wear.

    If it is inappropriate for a young mans hands to touch , it is inappropriate for his eyes to see it.

    This keeps things very simple, or should I say, it has in the past.

    With summer approaching quickly, I am concerned about summer swim wear and "play" attire for my girls.

    It seems that the "FAD" these days is to show everyone in the world your belly from as far South as possible clear up to,.... well, areas with "natural shade".

    Again, if his hands shouldn't be there, then his eyes shouldn't be there. I have never had a problem before with a 1 piece swimming suit. I think they are very respectable and appropriate (If at the pool or when swimming obviously)

    But now, what they are calling 1 piece suits, which I have told my girls they could wear, are anything but.

    The only thing that makes them a "One" piece in some cases is the nose ring from a bull holding the top to the bottoms! :eek:

    The sides are cut out, there is nothing at all in the back, and my kids are saying...; "But it's a "ONE PIECE SUIT LIKE YOU SAID WE SHOULD GET."

    Somebody help me out here, can you still buy respectable clothing for girls? Or does someone have to make it by hand these days?
  2. Well, I think...

    Rooster: don't...just don't

    Bana: What? I was just gonna say...

    Donkey: We know what you were gonna say, just don't

    Bana: But...

    Rooster: It's for your own good, just keep quiet and look the other way.

    Bana: *pouts*
  3. Bana.....

    I'm talkin about "MY" kids...........

    Not somebody elses. :D :D :D
  4. There are still modest onepiece swimsuits out there for teens and auldts. Even two piece - if you get a tankini and a skirt.
  5. No offense but problems like this make me glad I have a boy...:)
  6. I don't think you are out of the water (pun intended) - men wear speedos :eek:
  7. "Takini" :confused:

    I never heard of that before.

    Quick Google....

    Okay, that's what I call a one piece.

    I guess they have changed the names of things on me.

    Thanks for the tip. :)

    I know what ya mean.
    Believe me, it keeps me up nights sometimes.

    Problem I have is, both my wife and I come from families whose women are very..."Well endowed"
    And as is quite apparent in our home, apples don't fall far from the tree.

    Let's just say, I keep the buckshot handy.

    Uhmmmm. ???
    "Men" don't wear them things.
    Girly men maybe but not men.

    Them is just plain nasty looking.
  8. Sure - some are very modest and it's two pieces and can buy them separately.

    Tell my neighbor that - lol
  9. Here are some examples of what I allow my daughter to wear..




    They can be expensive, but they still make them these days. :)
  10. I don't think my son will ever be wearing one of those...

    He likes baggy swim trunks, that go to his knees.
  11. Here are more:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    These are cute, in style, and appropriate :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. I was trying on mens baggy swim trunks last year myself.
  13. These two I really like especially the colors. I liek the black and blue best.
  14. Rememeber, we're talking teen girls here. Not mature ladies. Now the Aeropostale suit is cut very low in the top and almost up to the hip bones on the leg area. Right much still revealed.

    The two tankikies are cute but I don't think your daughters will want to be seen in one. You run the risk of them swapping suits or going in the one you buy and then changing into one of their friend's extra suits when they get where they are going.

    The others - they are pretty granny style, too. usually has some fairly decent one piece suits that are not alarmingly low in the front or back and not alarmingly high cut in the leg openings.

    I have nothing against the suits shown, except the Aeropostale suit, but you don't want to have your girls resort to deceptive practices to appease Dad but get around "the look."

  15. Not sure I am misundertanding you Granny, but I think the two I liked are cool for teens. Modesty is modesty.

  16. Earthen - I agree with you completely. However, I also know kids. Sure some will be compliant with what Mom and Dad say is best, but there are some who are tempted to borrow from a friend when they are off with other teens and Mom and Dad are not around.

    An answer for that would be to be certain that Mom or Dad are always around when the girl is wearing the swimsuit. Sometimes that, though, is not an available choice. Trust is a big issue and the teen must win the parent's trust. If the trust is there, then you go with it and trust God to handle the rest.
  17. When my oldest was a teen, there were absolutely NO modest suits that would fit a tiny teen girl's body. So I bought some polyester double knit and made one for her. Not bad looking, but it did not have the stretch in it that would have made it better. I do not recall her ever feeling imposed upon having to wear her homemade bathing suit.
  18. This was a really interesting thread. My daughters were not raised in a Christian home, and when I was "young," my daughters and I wore bikinis, but now if I were to go swimming, I think I'd have to think about it too.

    However, it's what is in the heart that will determine what someone chooses to wear. So, why not stress that to your daughters? Put the load on them to decide what they want their male peers to be thinking about them. After all, if they are built like Greek Goddesses, it doesn't matter how modest they are; men will see what they want to see. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. :eek::eek:
  19. Great insights and wisdom here. :heart:

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