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  1. Whether the teacher in question is your church leader, a small group teacher, or someone that writes out studies or lessons that you enjoy or learn from the question remains…

    What have you done for them?

    They do not need flattery, endless praise, or endless criticism. They need support. Have you shared with them what God has given you? Have you told them or others what God has shown you from what they have taught? It is easy to say that since we give our offerings and tithes or that we show up on a regular basis then obviously we are showing support. Those are good things, but is it really enough?

    When we eat at a good restaurant we seldom hesitate to tell others. By spreading the word and giving our return business we show support. If the owner’s primary concern is repeat business then that type of support will be all that they really need or want.
    If the owner is concerned with satisfied customers then they will make sure their workers are well trained and typically walk around the restaurant asking the customers how the food is or how the service is. For this owner customer satisfaction is very important and they actively seek out customer comment.
    If we go to someone’s house for a meal and the food is good it would be rude not to say so.

    When someone takes the time and effort to teach it is not a small thing. If they are off track, they need to know. If God has shown you something through them then share it with them and with others. Let them have a taste of the fruit that god has used them to grow.

    Praise without substance is worthless. It is like an apple that looks beautiful and delicious, but is full of worms and filth under the skin. A starving person will even eat that if there is nothing else available. Make sure that your teachers know what fruit they are bearing. If all they ever hear is empty praise or nothing at all then they will sicken. We have a responsibility to help and care for those that feed us.

    Hebrews 3:13, James 3:1
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  2. I completely agree with you.. Just one reminder though.. It should be done carefully by giving all the glory to God and not man.
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  3. Without a doubt.
    That should go without saying, but most things that go without saying usually end up being left by the wayside.
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