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  1. Appreciating

    I used to sit and wait on the Lord to fill me with His Holy Spirit and I'd be there with expectation, but wouldn't receive the feelings of the presence of God like I have, and expected.

    But does a Father not want His children to show great appreciation for what they have before He gives them more?

    Like I said in another thread I believe true appreciation is putting great effort into seeking for things to appreciate, not just appreciating the new things and the things you're currently amused and satisfied with. Seeking, rather for anything you can appreciate and thank the Lord for. I just have a feeling the more you do that, the more He'll happily give you. He wants us to be under His grace fully and have life abundantly right? But He's doing us a favor by teaching us to appreciate what we have before we get more. We'll benefit from it more that way.
  2. Amen brother

    God bless
  3. Good thought , Mark ....
    In all things we need to be thankful. The Lord loves a thankful heart and as we come to Him daily we have so much to be thankful for in our countries . Cause when we look at other countries they do not enjoy all that we have and even if we have little it is much . Anyways He owns in all so thank Jesus .

    Colossians 2:7
    rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.
  4. Mark God has been moving in your life and that is awesome:D! If you want more of the presence and the anointing of the Holy Spirit reach out in faith according to the Word and touch someone in His love. God's anointing is poured out on all who would believe and walk out His Word. Lay on hands and pray, feed the poor, help the needy, be used of God. He will flow through you and at the same time you are ministering in the Spirit to others you will be touched and transformed- what an awesome privilege to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. It makes me want to sing praise every time I think about it!

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