Appeals court to hear Pledge cases

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  1. ^^^ Totally respect that. Actually, I "mostly" agree. I mean, if it came to a vote, I'd absolutely vote to include it, no questioned asked.

    But, they do have a legal right to appeal to the court. And if it's taken off, then it only is ONE symptom of a very large issue. As long as we're focusing on the symptoms, the real issues will never be cured.

  2. Amen, they do have the right and it is a symptom. This country will not last too long the way it is headed. If we want things like this to change, don't fight the LAW, fight to change the hearts of the people who make the law. Win them to Christ, everything will sort itself out after that. Christians in this country spend a ton of time fighting to change LAWS and VALUES, when they really need to focus on harvesting the field of those who make the laws and set the value standards.
  3. It's immaterial from the "tradition" point of view. Meaning, it doesn't go back to our forefathers, or to the intentions of our forefathers. It's SOLELY a Christian argument, simply because it hasn't been around long enough to be a classically American tradition.'s basically a lie.

    So how long doesn't something have to be around for it to be considered "tradition" and allowable?

  4. Right on LivingWaters!
  5. I agree to a point. I don't see the christians so much as time fighting to change laws and values, but we spend time fighting the people who are trying to change laws and values that this country was based on.
  6. The beauty of America is that we can dissagree and we can appeal our cases to the judicial system. The problem has been however liberal crusading judges have been twisting and manipulating law to suit their agenda's.

  7. Then perhaps I should have worded it as this. We should be fighting FOR the people who are trying to change the laws. For their hearts to open up to Christ.
  8. Now I agree!!
  9. Since the beginning? or at least, a large percentage of the time. I mean, it CAN be looked at as a tradition, but it's a pretty recent tradition given the grand scheme of things. My point is that we can't use the tradition argument to keep it there, because the SAME argument could have been used to keep it off, with much more validity. If the first money coined in America had it, it would be a violation of American culture to remove it. As it stands, that isn't the case. It's only against Christianity.

    So, as a Christian, I recognize it, and I want it there. But to get as upset as people are about it...that part I really don't get. In fact, what I really don't get, is why ANYONE cares really. Particularly atheists.
  10. This is one thing that amazes me. The atheists, who don't believe in God, are the ones who are always having the problems with anything having to do with God. If I don't believe in something I don't know that I would make everybody else change just to satisfy myself.
    I guess the part about why I care so much is because I keep seeing this stuff happen over and over again. You are right it hasn't been on coins that long or in the pledge of allegiance for that long. But it's the principle that they can get away with this stuff. It just gives them another foothold into our society to take something else away. I mean look at where we are. We can't teach creation but can teach evolution. This is just another instance of them trying to remove anything that has anything to do with Christianity. That's why I care and that's why I think as Christians we should all care.
  11. It is part of a larger agenda to remove all reaces of God, this will of course fail.
  12. Indeed, liberals are ALL tools of the devil. If I ever became president, I would make sure that they wouldn't be able to steer this nation away from the truth any more. :)
  13. It is an interesting phenominon we find in US politcs but the far left balances the far right to some extent. It is the very tug of war struggle that reinforces our freedoms. If those who oppose us loose the right to speak then so do we.
    As a Chrristian I want to come out standing on the right side of moral issues but history has a lesson for us:
    Adolf Hitler was elected on a platform of solid moral value but what lay beneath was quite different. The point is stand up dfor what is right but remember if we wish to maintian our freedom all must ahve the right to be heard.
  14. "Under God" was added due to lobbyists of a catholic fraternity in the the 1950s. Some believe on of the reasons it was accepted as a way to embrace Christianity as something we could use to further distance ourselves from communists.

    The pledge has had "Under God" in it for slightly shorter than half its life. And personally I think it should change back to its original form.
  15. I respect your opinion brother.
  16. If you don't like it, then get out and let us Christians enjoy OUR land!
  17. America is indeed big enough for all of us. Let's keep this friendly please everyone!

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