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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Today when I woke up in the morning (Dubai time) I found out that CFS was down. I immediately sent support request to hosting provider and forum software developers community. We found out that one of the forum tables crashed and it was repaired immediately. Apologies for the temporary downtime.
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  2. No biggy....Thanks for the prompt repairs!
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  3. Talk about a freakout. I contacted your support site 3 times. Felt like I had lost my head!
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  4. Jeff, I have set my profile to automatically watch any thread I post in. There are several threads where I do not get an alert. Some I do, a lot I don't. Is there a limit on the number of threads that can be watched? That doesn't make sence, but then since when did software ever make sense? Can you please have a look see if there might be a setting conflict or something?
  5. I have mine set the same and let's say that multiple people write in, I will only get one alert, but that's on my droid. Is this what you're referring to Calv?
  6. No, say I am watching threads A, B, C, D. I get alerts for A, and D. Some time later, I visit threads B & C, only to find that there are several posts, maybe even a couple of pages worth that I knew nothing about. Yet obviously I do get some alerts else I would not be replying to this now. One example is the thread I started on politics religion and the beast. that snuck up to page 3 yet I was not alerted to all the traffic.
  7. Really? I am sorry that happened. I think I am having problems with the support site. They are supposed to automatically forward me your support requests which might not be happening. Let me check later today.

    Hi Calvin, the alert system works in a way that if you get an alert from a Watched Thread and don't go and read the thread, you won't get subsequent alerts for subsequent replies until you read the thread again. Would that be the cause of the issue?

    If not can I ask you a few questions relating to this issue?

    1. By alerts, do you mean email notifications to your email address or just the normal alerts when you log in CFS?
    2. When did you switch this feature on? Was it some time recently or a long time back?
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  8. Hi Jeff thanks for your reply. No, I always endeavor to read through any alerted posts.
    1. Normal alerts when I log on or during a period of being logged on. I switched off email alerts years ago.
    2. By 'this feature' do you mean the automatic 'watch thread? If so, about a month ago. The problem has existed prior to that...definitely.
    Why? because I was not getting alerts from time to time and I would have to go up to the top of the page to make sure I had in fact set watch active. To avoid this, I set up for auto...one less thing I have to keep track of.
    I gather from your reply, you know of no others with this issue?
    Maybe I'm just a grizzle puss:)
  9. Hm, I'm not sure if I can entirely forgive you :p

    Haaaa, just kidding! It's totally fine! Glad it was fixed immediately!
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  10. The issue could be anything from server related to user related. From your description it looks like the cause may be an error from the software or server. I'll be watching it for sometime. In the following weeks, there will be software related patch-ups and upgrades coming up. Hopefully, any bugs we have had for a while should be gone by then. Lets see. :)

    Happy to be of some service. :D
  11. Yup, just as I thought. There is some issue with the support software. I installed a very expensive software to handle all the emails and have since never been able to use it properly. Looks like it crashed now. May be I should go back to the normal email system. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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  12. You're welcome and no problem! I just thought I had been banned from the site for some reason. There goes my paranoia :oops:
  13. I wonder why some members think they are banned as soon as they hit some error or restricted access. I have had other members contact me asking me if they were banned when actually it would only be some technical issue. Banning is the last thing we do and only if the member really asks for trouble. Spammers / fraudsters Stalkers are banned straightaway.

    I fixed the contact link. No more email ticketing system, just plain email sending process. Now it should work as normal. I lost your emails to me though. If have a copy of it, you can send it to me now. Thanks.

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