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  1. My friend according to the definition of apolegetics that I posted from dictionary.com, that was not apologetics , That was teaching. We are to do that.:)

    Acts Ch 8 is a wonderful read
  2. I love it as read in Young's
  3. Yes, it is teaching, but "apologetics" goes one level deeper.
    And it is imperative if your teaching is going to be effective.

    For example: I come to you and ask; "Did Jesus exist before He was born to Mary?

    You could "teach" me the truth by saying; "Yes."
    "God is unchanging, the same today, yesterday and tomorrow, He is the Alpha and the Omega, Jesus has always been, IS, and will always be."

    You have just given me the truth, and you have "taught" me well, but what if I then ask you; "Why, do you believe this?"
    "How could this be?"
    "How could He exist before He was born?"

    Now, you need to use "apologetics."
    You might begin with John 1. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God."
    You might then read a little further and read; "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us."

    Then, go back to the beginning, take me back to Genesis 1:1-3 and show me how the trinity is defined in those three verses.

    Apologetics might also include historical evidence, or scientific support, even personal testimony. You are no longer just teaching me what the Bible says, but you are explaining to me how I can know it to be true in light of world views, false interpretations, you are defending the faith against the misconceptions and doubts that I may bring to the table.

    I suppose it could be said that "Teaching" is what you do, and "Apologetics" is how you do it. :)
  4. Denadii Cho,
    I was just re-reading post #59.

    I wonder if you might be connecting "Apologetics" with "Apologizing"?

    Just to be clear, they are not the same thing.

    When we "Apologize" for something we did wrong, it is an acknowledgement of a wrong doing.

    But when we give an "Apology" of the Christian faith, it is an explaination, not an admission of guilt.

    Those two words in the English language can easily create confusion since they sound so much alike, but they do not mean the same thing. (Homonyms)

    If you were to scratch the paint on my truck, you would (hopefully) offer me an "apology", and say; "I am sorry I scratched your truck."

    But if I saw you adding oil to the crank case, and asked you why you were doing that, your "apology" for your actions would be; "It is necessary to keep ample oil in the crankcase so that the engine is properly lubricated and does not wear out."

    In the vernacular, or general linguistics, one might call that more an explaination, but it is in fact by definition, an "apology" for why you are putting oil in the engine.

    As you can see, it is important that we do not confuse "Christian Apologetics" with the sort of "Apology" one would offer having done something wrong. :)
  5. As I posted above.


       /əˌpɒl[​IMG]əˈdʒɛt[​IMG]ɪks/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [uh-pol-uh-jet-iks]
    –noun (used with a singular verb[​IMG]) the branch of theology concerned with the defense or proof of Christianity.

    No I'm talking about apologetics :):)
  6. Well, I guess we're both talking about the same thing then.

    Do you still view Christian Apologetics as a "waste of time"? or a "rabbit trail"? :confused:
  7. Well By dictionary.com definition yes I do think its a rabbit trail.

    By your definition Probably not. grin Thanks :)
  8. Ah!..... I like this conversation! :)

    So....."dictionary dot com" you have a problem with....

    But Gods definition, (Not mine) in Acts, you are good with....

    MAN!!!!! I just love it when that happens!!!!! :D :) :cool: :D :) :cool:

  9. Thankyou Pastor Lynn ,


    Instead of people listening and reading all these isms and listening to all these programs and don't get me wrong they are ok, but they are concentrating on what man says says and not on what God Says .

    People get into the Word yourself and stop being a milk fed baby .
  10. Apologetics - using reason or logic to explain Christianity. Well!! Yes, it is possible to use reason or logic to explain certain areas of Christianity, but apologetics cannot be used in all areas.

    Explain the soul
    Explain the indwelling of the Holy Spirit
    Explain Heaven

    to name but three.

    Ours knowledge of God is by faith: "For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: "The righteous will live by faith." Rom. 1:17

    It's difficult enough to explain faith (See the posts on Hebrews 11:1)

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