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  1. least im a bit confused, thanks a lot for this first, but secondly, why is there both OT and NT in each daily reading ? that's kind of confusing in my opinion, I'd much rather have one year OT, one year NT.
    took me a year and a few months to read the NT xD the first time :D
  2. Psalm
    138:2 I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for
    thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy
    word above all thy name.
  3. What I believe is even worse than atheism is agnosticism. The idea that there is a God, but live with indifference towards him. Ignoring him in some cases, is even worse than cursing him out.

    Must pray for the lost
  4. There are more than double the number of chapters in the Old Testament as there are in the New. This is one of those read the whole bible in a year plans.
  5. That site seems to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Signs and wonders are not foriegn to a Christian. The difference is that they follow us, we do not follow them.
  6. OK, I'll admit it...

    I apologize but I never heard of apologetics:D... Pun intended... What is it?

  7. It's basically a defense of your faith. Books on apologetics give the arguments for God and His word. There is definitely a more technical definition but it's too early for that. LOL
  8. A new meaning for agnostic

    When I visited the Lion's Den at an athiest forum, I had the word "agnosticism" take on new meaning for me. I used to think it meant "unsure" about whether or not there was a God but at that site, they said it meant "whether there is a God or not, can't be known." That puts a new slant on the word and helps us understand that agnostics may be as closed minded as atheists with regard to God's reality.

    If it can't be known whether God exists, then the door is shut, the argument is over, it's time to go home and go to bed.

  9. The Word still must be preached to these people. If it just turns to an argument and leads no where then it's okay to stop. But, because someone says they are an atheist or agnostic is not a reason to stay away or not tell them of the good news. It's not us who makes them respond or not respond, it's the Holy Spirit.

    I don't believe one is worse than the other. They are all in the same boat without Jesus. It is our job to reach out to the lost and if they respond we should be responsible and help disciple them, or get them connected with someone that can help them grow. If they do not respond we need to show them love and pray for them. Because someone does not respond does not relieve us of our responsibility to them. Sometimes it takes a lot of time invested in a person for them to see the truth. With that said I don't think it appropriate to waste a bunch of time on someone who is completely unresponsive. It's a difficult balance. I am not going to stop being friends with someone because they don't believe. I will continue to pray and try to be a light. Someone I do not know, I may try a few times and then let it be and move on. Hope that makes sense. LOL
  10. I have this one word of advice- go where you are sent, not just went.
  11. i don't know what "not just went" means but I fully agree with go where you are sent
    lead, Lord Jesus!
    Amen mr. anonymous xD :D
  12. Oops. I was demonstrating some of the moderator features to our new mod and walking through them as I wrote them down. I simply forgot to log back in as myself.:eek:

    Not just went- I have been places where you took your life into your hands every time you ventured down there. It should be a specific calling and not us doing the leading. God has a specific plan for each of us and has planned an order for our steps.:)
  13. Both seem to be extreme ways of looking at atheism and agnosticism.

    Agnosticism and atheism are not mutually exclusive. I was an agnostic atheist years ago. Meaning I didn't believe in a god but I didn't rule out the possibility that there might be one. Then I became a theistic agnostic which meant I believed in a god but never ruled out the possibility that there could very well not be. Eventually dropping the agnostic part as I realized that God is definitely real.
  14. there biggest arguement is how is there a loving God with all this suffering in the world.what they don,t understand is the reasons why.my best arguement for this is to tell them they live in satan,s realm.the god of the world.they don,t understand.:eek:
  15. There is actually good reason for these deep emotions. Its not that they actually believes there is a God deep down but that they think religion can be harmful to individuals. Many outspoken atheists have a strong sense of care for the well being of the civilization and their fellow human. If they see religion as something that can cause damage to other people and the civilization as a whole then of coarse religion is something thats gonna stir up a lot of emotions with them.

    Not only that but a lot of them do get attacked religious people over their lack of a believe. Hence it often makes it seem like religion is a threat to their well being. The lack of respect they get from religious people helps lead to the lack of the return of respect (and vice versa... its a vicious cycle). And disrespect towards the non-religious is not rare even among large figures, take President Bush, Sr. saying;
    It was this rudeness that kept me away from religion for so long. It doesn't stop with simple sayings like this either, it continues with the very idea of blue laws. It continues into the adding of "Under God" into the pledge and "In God we Trust" onto paper money in the 1950s to make it seem like the United States is simply a christian nation. Luckily I was eventually able to see through this but it took a long time to be able to do that.

    A common non-believer response to this is asking the question "Is satan more powerful than God?". If you respond that God is more powerful then they will ask "Then why doesn't god get rid of him." The line of questions they can bring on from here can actually be quite hard to respond to... at least for me but I have never been good at arguing.
  16. my answer to them would be if God got rid of satan you would go also because you haven,t chose life.:)
  17. you're right unelanvi..

    that's the argument I always hear, why is there evil and suffering, why does God allow it.
    funny as soon as someone asks that, they ignore the fact that they have free-will, and act as if God should be in control of everything, yet when He is, they get angry, they don't want someone in control of their life.
    my point is, that since we have free-will, God expects us to help those who suffer. my point again is, we should tell those who come up with that argument "don't you have freewill?.. look at you, do you help those who suffer?"
    they don't help, they simply complain that God should help them. ignorantly they are worse than many others and are dead in their sins.

    God expects us to help those who suffer. that is those who do not look towards God, and who knows, God sends many people to help others.

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