Anyone who Has an unsaved family member or loved one?

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    I do not have the answer for all unsaved, but I do recommend this really cool, short read. Here is a little free book in multiple e-formats which is a stealth Evangelical history book. It tends to hook a reader and then give them Gospel information in a nice way. It will likely not offend people hostile to Christianity, but it may pique there interest. I hope you will look it over and if you find it good enough, please pass on to an unsaved friend or family member.
  2. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. You are much appreciated!
    Welcome and God bless you with an abundance of grace and peace!
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  3. Welcome to CFS.
  4. Tux bro,
    I was blessed enough to baptise my son and daughter a number of years ago but now both have wandered away. I have found that prayer, love and patience is what's needed here as The Lord will bring the prodigals home.
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  7. Welcome to CFS!!! We are glad you joined with us to fellowship and pray.
  8. Most of my family on both sides are unsaved. Just a gaggle of secular, ungodly breeders. There's a phony sprinkled in here and there that go to church to be a socialite, or that volunteer for charities because they think good works get them someplace, but the overwhelming bulk of my family are unsaved. I can't reach them either. I have my own salvation to consider though, so I don't bother. I found my own way and they can do the same if they want to. They just don't want to.
  9. It is our calling in Christ to minister to our families. The attitude that says, "I found Christ, so they can find Him, too" is cavalier at best, rebellion at worst.. It doesn't work that way. We are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD---THE SALT OF THE EARTH. Even if we say nothing, our lives need to blink in neon: JESUS LOVES YOU!
  10. Calling or no, it might be my responsibility to minister to them, but I'm not equipped to do so. Thank you for your advice though. Bless your heart.
  11. Anyone who has received Jesus Christ as Saviour is equipped with the truth, and is commanded to speak it, and spread it.
  12. Just stay in the word and draw close to God. He will equip you to do what ever task is needed. Until then dont worry or fret about it. As you do this your life will begin to reflect Christ more and more and in many situations we say more when we say nothing at all.

    For now simply pray to God ( Lord of the harvest ) to send forth laborers of the field into their lives and bind and cast out what ever has been blocking the light out and claim them for the kingdom and thank God for their salvation. Then trust God and thank Him for their salvation.
    God Bless
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  13. You may very well feel unequipped and you don't know what to say. However, you can pray and so can we all. Don't let the enemy get at you because prayer is the mightiest weapon of all! I also will start to pray that your family will be saved.

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