Anyone started Bible reading plans?

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  1. Anyone doing any 1 year Bible reading plan? I took back my 1 year chronological Bible. Have been reading it properly so far (11 days!! feels like months already!!) Anyone trying anything new or something not a lot of people have heard about?
  2. I never have and probably never will. But I do have a question for those that have the 1 year NIV bible, what passage is for Sep 11.
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  3. Are you doing this solo or with your wife?

    I have plans to study certain subjects properly this year. It involves the bible, related books and Google.

    I have tried to read the bible from beginning to end. It is hard, as when in the OT I just want to jump to the new.
  4. For me and my house hold - well we simply allow the Lord to lead and guide us even in our reading and what we study.
    I found that when "We" as in you or I take charge or controll of our reading or study then we as in you or I simply end up stunting our growth until we back off and let go and Let God !!
    Just sayen....
    <>< James ><>
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  5. I completely agree.. This is on top of personal Bible study.. Using reading plan is simply personal discipline. Topical meditation or deeper study is outside of this.
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  6. Originally we thought of doing it together.. but she dropped out now. It is only me. It has been quite some time since we both did Bible study together. We are planning to get started with that this year. We usually take one book, read a chapter, understand the interpretation based on context and talk through personal application. It used to be pretty effective!
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  7. I let the Lord choose my curriculum, and try not to decide on my own what to study. Sometimes if the Lord leads me I will study a topic based on a question people ask here on the forum, other that that I rarely ever read the Bible Book, to Book. I do have the "The Plan Bible" on my kindle Fire, and it is very interesting as it puts the Bible in Chronological order.
  8. Now that makes a lot of sense !! ;)
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