Anyone Playing Mechwarrior Online

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  1. Back to the days commanding a Mech this time its online - player v player matches. In beta atm but more than playable. Just downloaded tonight and tried a few matches online, need to get the joystick working right tho you can use the mouse, & there is a lot of key binds so a 10button joystick or such will help you in your battles.

    Servers are in Canada, game runs perfect no lagg looks great and whats better than moving around in a Giant Mech destroying stuff. :cool:
  2. I used to play mechwarrior, waaaay back when, back before there really was much of an "online" to speak of. It was an amusing game, but anymore I dont have a lot of time to game, one or two, and right now its black ops II
  3. My son plays Black Ops II keeps telling me to get it for the PC,as he says its the best thing since slice bread. I need to get round to it. Was playing Battlefield 3 for a while there online.

    Yes i was a fan of the Mechwarrior games 1 to 3 missed the 4th and another mech games named Heavy Gear I & II. Mechwarrior online has brought it all back. Its not bad, but you are thrown in the thick of it there is no training missions so must learn the keys/mouse as quick as possible otherwise players online will end your game in a few minutes :LOL:
  4. Hey there, I belong to a Merc Unit in Mechwarrior Online called The Seraphim, which is a Christian unit in House Marik. I'm certain we have over 20 members and are still recruiting :) Feel free to check us out -
  5. Not that one, but I do play Combat Arms online (a fps) and Call of Duty Modern Warfare on P.C.
  6. I sowed my computer....................... this laptop plays Big Fish games with only a little slow down. Believing God for that 12 core now.
  7. Video games are my stumbling block. I love them, but they easily become unproductively addictive.

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