Anyone like Iron Maiden?

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    I actually joined this forum so I could add to this thread. I've been an Iron Maiden fan for years but I always felt a bit guilty listening because I thought they had Satanic tendencies, yet I never really heard in their lyrics any hard evidence, it basically came down to the odd lyric here and there and the cover art. While I feel some of their thoughts and lyrics have been misguided at times in the past, I never really felt that any of their music conspired against Christianity. That is great that Nicko is born again and I'll continue to listen and not feel guilty.
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  3. Personally, I have never heard of Iron Maiden, but my husband has. As born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are commanded to be separate from worldly pleasures (including worldly music, like Iron Maiden). You cannot mix the Word of God with the world and still receive all that the Word of God has to offer. Just because a song mentions Christian words does not make it "Christian." Iron Maiden is simply a heavy metal rock band which has NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ. Take a good hard look at the song lyrics and the album covers of Iron Maiden--furthest thing I've seen from being Christian. Compare all this to what the Bible says about "walking in the Spirit" and being "conformed to the image of Christ".

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    Yep seems I am bumping an old thread and its my first post!
    My hubby and I have gotten into a disagreement in this area. I don't like Iron Maiden for their music ( just me I know others do) but I also don't see how a Christian group would have such a character as Eddie?

    Can anyone shed light on that? That image is probably what bothers me the most .. just many of their album covers..


    OH yeah next week they are in concert here and the hubby wants me to go, I just don't want too. I love all music genre's but some like Rob Zombie, love the sound of the music hate the look and some lyrics...
  5. I once heard a quote that remind me of things and people like the members of Iron Maiden, the lead singer of Korn, Ozzy Osborne, and such. "Standing in a garage doesn't make you any more a car than going to church makes you a Christian." In a nut shell, by their fruits you will know they are followers of Christ.

    A while back, a guitarist from Slayer got sold out for the Lord. He left the band. In my opinion, it's difficult to imitate Christ and listen to the music of this world.
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  6. I myself like iron maiden, but I'm a huge fan of a lot of heavy metal Christian bands. I've not once heard anything in there music that would cause me to think they are satanic and as some people say, "would you listen to it with Jesus?" I can honestly say, yes I would listen to it. I picture Jesus all the time head banging with me to music i listen to. One of the verses I refer to about music is Psalms 98:4 "Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise." If that's not heavy metal music, I don't know what is, lol
  7. Hi , great thread and a topic close to my heart. I've been a fan of metal since I was a kid (oh so very long ago), obviously in the early days there weren't many "Christian" metal bands around, or so the powers that be had us believe. They vilified the bands such as Black Sabbath because of their names, costumes and song titles with out ever listening to the lyrics. Black Sabbaths song called Black Sabbath, is anti Satanism when you listen to the lyrics with Ozzy Osbourne pleading with God to stop the evil before him.
    Iron Maidens "Number of the Beast was Criticized by the church leaders in Oz and around the world because of it's chorus beginning with "6-6-6 the number of the beast..." but again it is an anti Satanism song.
    These days I listen to Christian Death metal bands such as Mortification,nothing gets my blood pumping when working out as much as the tempo and riffs in their music.
    The sooner people realize that heavy metal is a form of music that can reach people who otherwise migh not hear His word and let Him into their hearts the better.
    They seem to think because it's loud, it's evil.
    To those that think this way I say: If Pat Boone sang sweet sounding songs that extolled Satan as the way, would his music still be acceptable? of course not!
    Look past the music and outward appearance of the band members and see what is in their heart when they write the lyrics
    Just my opinion
    Blessings to all and Rock on in Christ!
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  8. Noisy and wicked. High praise for any heavy metal band. ;)
  9. I really dig "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath. :LOL:

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