Anyone Know How Long For Bathsheba To Know She Was Pregnant

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by rob aston, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. :) question from a country boy

    anyone know how long for Bathsheba to know she was pregnant? i ask because thinking about God reprimanded King David
  2. God has just convicted me about this qu, my motive was not good (i was wanting to discredit david),WHO AM I?i could do the same thing!!!

    i want to move to daniel if that's ok with you....and his words "even if the Lord does not rescue...i will not bow down to your god" more or less.............what's your take on daniel?
  3. Hmmm...there's only one sinless "person" in the Bible. Most of the famous people are all murderers: Moses, David, Paul, etc...

    But we forget/ forgive that after salvation....

    As far as Daniel; can you be a bit more specific about your question and provide the verse(s)? I am assuming you are talking about the 3 in the fire.
  4. if you change your handle, i will :)
  5. Okay...LOL...guess I can't input...
  6. mate, it's not the end of the world, really just coloured by my view on your handle that mate you are free if you want to be ....jesus won't do it, for He wants YOU to be courageous and live His finished work
  7. No problems friend...I am secure in the salvation provided by Christ! :D
  8. oki, daniel....not really into verse numbers, more the heart of the Word., what do u know about daniel's character?
  9. >(not sure if you want me to answer?)<
  10. of course i do
  11. Thoughts on Daniel (AKA: Belteshazzar) Wise man to Kings-Daniel 1:48

    It would seem to me that he was a humble man of God. Anyone that receives visions and direct revelation from God must be obedient to the Word. He survived in servitude as a bondmen to 3 (maybe 4) kings if I recall correctly. He was known as a 'Jew'-not hiding his faith. The Lord protected Daniel from Lions...I do find it interesting that that Belteshazzar is not mentioned when Shadrach, Mescach and Abednego are delivered to the fire at King Nebuchadnezzer's fury. (Daniel 3)
  12. perhaps because dan distinct from the three since he alone got end-times blessings. dan was very uncompromising when challenged to declare his loyality. i compare him to paul in this aspect
  13. From one country boy to wife said it would have to be about 2 or 3 months.

    If you are looking in the Scriptures for the is not there.;)
  14. No need to discredit David mate. There is not a commandment he didnt break but he was still loved by God.

    Kind of like you and me!!!!!
  15. isn't grace amazing....i mean with polygamy, murder, you name it. and i think that's the focus you want me to have-on grace bless you and family
  16. I agree with that. IMO, Daniel was the leader of the four and the strongest. I feel after reading the book several times that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego leaned on Daniel a lot and probably watched his every move and listened to his every word but that is just me, and ole country boy like you......:giggle:
  17. Yes sir my brother! You got it!

    God is so good to us even when we are so bad to Him. I will never get over the fact that God saved a sinner such as me!!!!

    Ohhh by the way......welcome to the forum!
  18. nice daniel summary, your job is to water those pot plants(they need something), i need to go and wake up properly-7.44 am here Cheers:)
  19. The greatest thing is this: That David was still a man after God's own heart even after all that he did. (Acts 13:22)
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  20. i am getting quite convinced that it is the heart that brings a smile to the Father.this young lady has cemented the issue....when we are in love with someone as God is with us, and woman are far better at this than blokes, doesn't love cover a multitude of sins. And there is perfect support for us to manage the consequence of our error. we don't get off, as absalom pierced david's heart...hey God knows we are but dust.

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