Anyone into Weightlifting / Bodybuilding?

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  1. I have been using a few excercises lately that I thought I'd post.

    Burpee to pullup, burpee to dip, DB swings, and plank lateral raises. I pick one of the first 3 and complete at the endo of my routine, WOW, very hard and eliminates the normal cardio routine. I can get more detail if you want some on the lifts.

    Today I'm going to try burpee to clean to DB press. Not looking forward to it (secretly I can't wait) it's going to be a lot of pain.
  2. Two opinions so far, no mri, both have said the only way to see this tear is to "scope" my shoulder by drilling a hole in it, then using a camera to see inside.

    I am like you, and prefer to think they are wrong. I will definitely be looking up your lifts and add them to what I am doing now to strengthen my joint. Thanks so much for sharing! Its wonderful to see God healed you and your able to DB Bench now.

    I will do whatever it takes to heal up.

    Mike Boyer
  3. Ok, so I worked out today, and everything seemed to be ok. I did go extra light to make sure I didnt further injure my shoulder, but I was able to do a full upper body workout without feeling any pain initialy Praise God!

    I am hurting a bit deep inside my left shoulder right now, but Thank God I can still lift!!!

    Tyler thanks so much for your suggestion, I have implemented your excersices into my daily rehab. I also went online and bought a glucosamine and chondroitin product to try and lubricate and heal the joint. Cheap too, alot less than in the local store.

    Swanson Health Products - Glucosamine & Chondroitin Combo That cost me 10 bucks and comes with 200 caps.

    Whirlwind, how goes your popping / cracking problem? Both my shoulders still do this, and hurt when they crack. My left is worse than the right by a bit. Just wondering what you may have found out about this. My doctor the ortho surgeon just acted like it was no big deal. From what I am reading this could be due to tendon or ligament problems.
  4. My shoulder got hurt too. I tweaked it or something on the decline bench press. I tried to go yesterday anyways on it, near dropped it on my head because it hurt so much. I must have jerked it off the rack too quick last time or something and sprained it. Really bites that I can't do over-head lifts now.
  5. BCheezy, Im sorry to hear that! Especially almost dropping the weight on your head! I have had my share of mishaps and had the bar pop me a couple times when I have had a give out haha.

    I hope your injury is minor and heals quickly! I have a hard time with any pressing motion, but especially the flat bench, and military presses now.

    I am still pusing forward like you, but if I hit pain, I stop immediately. Slight discomfort is ok though :)

    The hardest part for me is working with such light weight as opposed to the amount that I was moving right before my mishap.
  6. OK, I did the "turkish get up" for 9 sets today, WOW, very good test of strength. If you want to try it search it, youtube has a ton of demo's. I'm going to try lighter weight next time and speed it up.
  7. Wow that was an intense looking lift. I don't think that my shoulder is capable of holding or lifting my body weight up in that position yet. I will definitely be giving it a try though! Thanks Tyler.

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