Anyone into Weightlifting / Bodybuilding?

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by SaviorsGear, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Ginger - go to a store like Food-4-Less and buy some soybeans. Mine came in bulk, salted and roasted and they taste like crunchy little spanish peanuts.:p

    I also buy whey protein powder, lean beef jerky, canned tuna, special-K protein water, boiled eggs (well, I boil them myself...they come raw in the package, heh:p), turkey breast lunch meat, natural peanut butter. They're all good for protein. I don't buy lean steaks just because they're so spendy these days.:(

    Also, there's an array of protein bars out there, just read the label to find the one with the type of soy you're looking for. I haven't found any good recipes for my own protein bars yet...but I'mma lookin!;)

    Some nights I just feel so tired and don't want to work out at all. I think, I'll do it tomorrow. I'll hit the weights extra heavy tomorrow. But I always wind up in my gym working out. Don't think of it as an option, think of it as something God is allowing you to do. We're blessed in that we have the ability to exercise, oh wow! We're blessed with that ability. He gave it to us. He wants us to use it. It's a great priviledge.

    If I give myself permission to skip once (without being sick, emergencies, etc.) then it'll be easier to skip another time, so I don't even start with my long, long, long list of excuses, heh.:eek:
  2. I love working out. I lifted while I played football and I'm trying to get back into the habit now. I've gained a lot of weight since I've stopped playing football and it's alllllll fat...... I'm trying to get rid of my gut so yea. But I love to lift. I weigh 235 now... My playing weight was somewhere between 200 and 215 so... I gotta lose bout 20lbs.
    I just recently started lifting again so... I'm sore to say the least.
    I don't do those weight builders or mass building supplements either.
    The best thing to do is to load up on high calorie high protein foods to gain weight. I gained 20lbs from the end of my junior year to the beginning of my senior. So roughly 2 months. This is while doing a power/explosive anterobic work out.
  3. This sounds strange, but when I started lifting I didn't get any soreness in my muscles.

    It wasn't until I started doing lunges about a month into it that I got sore.

    Then, two days ago I was doing stability ball crunches - 3 sets of 25 using a 15 lb weight. On my 3rd set It suddenly got easy and I didn't feel anything. I did thirty and stopped.

    Today I am still sore in my stomach muscles so I didn't do crunches.
  4. Do you weigh yourself down when you do crunches? Like do you hold a plate to your chest?

    If you just do crunches (non-weighted) you'll only see so much growth because you'll reach your max. Challenge yourself. See how much you can take doing one rep (I was once told) and then take 10% off that max.

    But then there's so much advice flying around out there, much of it is conflicting. Drink water. No don't drink too much water. High carbs. Are you nuts? No high carbs! Fast reps. Yeah, if you want to see no growth at all. You don't know what you're talking about. No, you don't! Nuh-uh! Uh-huh!:p

    If I hear something suspicous, I like to try to find the study on it and do more reading. Whatever works for your body, I tend to believe, isn't going to do the same thing for all bodies.:)

    You're special, just the way God made you. Praise the Lord.:D
  5. I use a 15 lb weight held behind my head. The owner told me to bend back farther, but sometimes that bothers my back. I tried crunches again today - oooh it hurt. I didn't do very many. I'm going to try again Monday.

    Actually, being a woman, I don't think I need to do a lot of situps to look good. I just need to lose the fat I've put on. It's all on my tummy.

    When I think about have an unfair advantage - bodywise. Guys can have a little pot belly and still look pretty sexy, but awoman!!!! Next thing you know people are asking if you're pregnant! lol

    Standing4something, Do you take advantage of the time you spend working out to witness to other young men? I know a lot of high school students in sports come to Anytime after school. We had a youth leader for ACT awhile back who went to the school weight room (after school) just for that purpose.

  6. I'm starting my cutting mode today.:( My least-favorite, where I maintain the muscle that I have and lose fat.

    This is a 1,000 calorie per day deficit (knocked off from my Basal Metabolic Rate). High-protein, low-carb, low-fat. I lift only to maintain, and up the cardio to 6x per week, one-hour per day. I get one rest day per week - usually Sunday - and one cheat-day per week (usually Thursday). Cheat days are fun! That's where I get to eat anything that I want for one meal that day. No counting calories for that day, yippeee! This keeps me from going on an all-out binge, or from feeling like I can't handle it anymore and need to buy a bag of Hershey's kisses.

    I stop taking creatine, continue with the protein powder. All fats are limited to Omega-3s. I up my intake of water. I eat a small calorie-balanced meal every 3 hours to stave off hunger and muscle-shrinkage. And my workouts consist of: 1 hour cardio followed by high-intensity interval training.

    I'll stay in this mode for two months, or until I reach my plateau (whichever is greater), and then I'll switch back to muscle-building mode.

    I just hate this mode, because it takes longer to get ready for work in the morning when I have to measure out scoops of this, handfuls of that, add up all the calories and package my meals into calorie-balanced containers and then figure a way to make them all fit nicely into my insulated lunch bag.:rolleyes:

    But anyway, I feel good knowing that I'm tending to the body that God gave me. His gift for me to use in this world, this life. For Him! For His glory.:)
  7. Ginger - my sister (the non-believer who is beginning to believe), hates me. I can lose five pounds like that - POW! :eek: She says it takes her six months to lose five pounds.

    ...but then I've seen her sit down with a big plate of Banquet Fried Chicken.:eek:

    Men might lose weight faster, my Sister. But women just look better.:p
  8. You think that 'cause your a man. We women know the men look better.....

    maybe it's a gender thing :)

    Have agreat weekend!


  9. Ughh I have to start that soon, with this rehab and not doing as much, but eating the same, ive managed to pack on a few too many pounds of the wrong kind :mad:
  10. It's so hard to do! I mean, I get to eat six small meals...but sometimes I just like to workout hard and then eat a big hairy monster bulging muscle-meal that's quivering all over. LOL

    *crunching on his raw spinach leaves and canned tuna*

    But I'll survive. *sigh*:eek:

    Ginger - You have my respect! Looking the way you do, and still in a workout program! :)

    I've known some women that work out and lose weight until they look good and then stop.
  11. I have been weight training consistently for the last 12 years. My main goal for weight training is to control my waist line growth and to stay in shape for my job. I usually make it to the gym anywhere from 5-7 times a week. The only nutrtional supplement I take is protein and a multivitamin. Used to take Creatine but have not in quite a while.

    Speaking of which, our annual physical standards eval is tomorrow. :(
  12. Gibby - that's awesome! Praise the Lord!

    As Aretha Franklin says in one of my favorite songs, "Don't know what you're doing, but you must be livin' right! Yeah!";)

  13. Wow that is awesome! 12 year strong is great, I hope to achieve that one day 11 1/2 years from now :p

    And I thought I was doing pretty good to workout the 3 times a week haha
  14. Hey Gibby, what multivitamin do you take??
  16. Got some bad news, I got a labral tear, an injury to the shoulder joint, and according to the surgeon it cannot be rehabbed. This is coming after about 1 month of rehab with no results. The only way to fix this according to my doctor, is surgery and he doesn't suggest that route until its absolutely necessary.

    Brothers and Sisters, please, please keep my in your prayers! I seem to be able to do most of my workout lifts without problem except the variations of the bench press and pullups / lat pulldowns.

    I know that God can heal me and surgery is not needed if that's His will. So please send any extra prayer this way!

    Thanks so much :D
  17. Saviorsgear,

    I'm sorry to hear of your injury. I will being praying for you.

  18. Praying for you, good buddy!;)

    Hey - how did that feel?

    Recently - as in last week, my shoulder has been popping at odd times, almost crunching inside. And when I just move it (sometimes) out or up, I get a grinding pain inside.

    I've laid off the deltoids, traps, and lats until it goes away and have decided to see a doctor next week if it doesn't improve.

    But how did you injure yourself? What exactly causes this labral tear? Did it come on suddenly, or was it gradual? Can you describe the pain?

    I feel for ya, buddy! Take care of yourself, and we're praying for you!:)
  19. I injured it doing a heavy bench press. I was able to work with 10lbs less no problems but when I went up, I could only get 2 reps. After I placed the bar back on the uprights my left shoulder felt as if it had pulled right in the front middle of the delt. My right shoulder felt like it was about to do the same, but it is very minor compared to the way my left feels.

    I took over a month off and just did the rehab that I was prescribed but to no avail.

    When I have my arm at a 90 degree bend like a pitcher throwing a ball, that kind of motion, the rotation, my shoulder hurts like mad, and pops and cracks. The motion from my arm upright to my arm going lateral with the ground then back up in a 90 degree where my upper arm is straight out to my left side with my elbow and upper arm straight up in the sky.

    Its not a horrible pain, although it is uncomfortable. I seem to be able to do all my lifts except the bench going slightly heavier. I am able to do a really light bench no problems.

    I have been reading on rotator cuff injuries and have been implementing those exercises hoping that I can create some stability around the injury since there is no rehab of the joint itself.

    Thanks for all the prayers! I need all I can get right now.


    Mike Boyer
  20. How was it diagnosed? An MRI? Check out a 2nd opinion. If you have just disregard this, injuries are terrible, and everybody has an opinion. I got an AC seperation benching when I was younger, I rehabbed it for a year and can bench again, but I don't use a bar anymore, just DB's. I have a few great low weight shoulder excer. if you want to try them out.

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