Anyone into Weightlifting / Bodybuilding?

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by SaviorsGear, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Praise the Lord, Tyler! Wow!

    Just looking at your pic, it takes time, determination, motivation, and a strong faith to achieve what God has blessed you with!:D

    Praise Him! Whoo-hoo! You're looking great! What's your shoulder routine? You got some mean-looking steaks there!:)
  2. Thanks Whirlwind! I've taken a diff. approach to my routine in the last 2 mos. less bulking and lighter weights.

    I really switch my routines stays interesting for me then. Here is an example of what I do for shoulder: I start with 55lbs db's and get as many sets of 10 usually 2-3 , drop the weight to 45 lbs. and do as many sets of 10 usually 2-3 drop the weight again and repeat until 30lbs. db's feel like 100lbs. This is a drop set routine, with a little rest bewteen sets.

    I also do bent over lat raise, and side/front lat. raises on shoulder day's

    But this week I used 50 lbs db's and did 4 set of 10 one armed shoulder presses, and then side raises.
  3. Tyler your physique is amazing!! Once Im done with my bulking and eating everything in sight, I will start my cutting phase and hopefully shoot for how you look now. Its amazing how God has allowed us to build our bodies to adapt to the weights, I love it! Such great info to help me along in this thread, keep it coming guys!!
  4. Thanks for the compliments fella's. I'd like to hear any new or old stuff you're trying in the gym, and I use supp.'s but I don't pretend to be any kind of expert.

    One thing I'm working on is trying to find out how the people "lift for Christ", or incorporate their Faith into their lifting.

    Any insight is appreciated.
  5. I can tell you how a buddy of mine lifts for Christ. His name is Kevin Dowd, and he is part of Team Impact. Here is the link : Team Impact He is an amazing and loving man, and loves Jesus. He is of course an extreme version of lifting for Christ, but its still very awe inspiring.
  6. It's a blessing when someone so strong admits his weakness to the Lord, and the Lord gives him more strength where it really counts. Such a blessing, thanks for sharing that!:)

    Do you guys read Exercise for Men Only? There was an article about doing drop sets...and attaching bands to the weights for varied resistence. It sounded a little hoaky when I read it...but I really want to try it after thinking about it. The author (PhD) said that this is a great way to overcome plateus, where you have a hard time gaining or going beyond a certain weight.

    Pretty interesting stuff after I thought about it. I dunno...I'll try anything once, hee hee!

    God bless!:D
  7. Hey, Tyler and Savior...I was wondering. With guns that big, do you guys still experience DOMS after training?

    A friend told me that something was wrong, because I still get (and love to have) DOMS. He said that a lifter shouldn't have DOMS quite so often, if he's working out regularly.

    (this friend is an occasional friend that I see in the gym about twice a month.:eek:)
  8. I don't read the mag. I don't think I've ever seen it. Muscle&Fitness's current issue has an article on adding bands to the weights, or what I'd like to try, using chains attached, to add weight as you lift it up.

    About the DOMS I've read it's not good to get, but everytime I lift my legs I get it, and my chest is the same way but not as bad as my legs. I have a couple of friends using the P90x dvd's and they get DOMS all the time. It's kinds funny, the first thing out of ther mouth's when I see them is how sore they are, every time. I've tried the dvd's and I can see why.
  9. Thanks for the link I haven't got a chance to check out fully yet. I remeber see'ing a broadcast of one of these shows, it was good.
  10. Whirlwind, the answer to DOMS is YES!! Like you, I rather enjoy the soreness and think of it as doing a good job breaking down the muscle. When my workouts aren't followed by any soreness and I am truly sad. I would have to say I feel like Ive accomplished more when Im a bit sore, not hurting, just sore.

    Probably all psychological but whatever works right.
  11. I can curl 40 lb dumbells now 6-8 times per set :buttrock:

    Im still scranny though :confused: I do arm workouts MWF, and the other stuff T/TH

    I do:

    Bench Press:
    10 reps of 135
    7 reps of 155
    4 reps of 175
    2-3 reps of 175
    almost exat same as above

    35 per arm reps of 10
    40 reps of 8
    40 reps of 6

    Tricep extension thingies:
    (just started today)
    20 (per arm) reps of 10
    25 reps of 5
    25 reps of 5

    10 reps of 70
    8 reps of 80
    5 reps of 80

    Shoulder Press Bar:
    10 reps of 70
    6 reps of 80
    4 reps of 80

    Sit ups: (while holding a plate weight)
    50 reps of 25
    25 reps of 25
    25 reps of 25

    Leg Extension:
    10 reps of 150
    8 reps of 165
    6 reps of 180

    Arm circles throwing motion (works shoulder)
    10 reps of 10
    8 reps of 12
    4 reps of 15
  12. Cheezy - remember, one grain of sand at a time. You can build a mountain one grain of sand at a time. But you have to pick up that grain of sand, take it to where you want the mountain, and then place it there strategically...over and over and over again. You won't see results right away, but one day you're going to turn around and look and you're going to see your mountain forming!:eek:

    God gives us strength to accomplish our goals, all for His glory. One day you're going to flex into a mirror and marvel at His creation in you. All of your hard work and effort is going to show (you're going to see your mountain), if you believe today and put into action your faith that God is helping you, even as you're reading this.

    I believe, Cheezy! I believe!:D

    Just think: It's happening to you right now, lil bro!;)

    Also: I've seen your pics,'re not scrawny! :blink:
  13. Be careful on Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, and Military Press. I went too heavy on Flat Bench and ended up hurting my Rotator Cuff and AC joint.

    I had been progressing my weight slowly and steadily so I thought all was fine.

    I was able to do the bench press motion fine, and it wasnt until after I placed the bar back that I felt the pain in my left shoulder.

    Just a word of caution from an injured brother :(
  14. I joined Anytime Fitness 2 months ago to get back into shape.

    I'm wondering, do I have to keep upping the weights to get results? Or can I stop at 360 lbs on the leg press and still continue to see results? I did press as much as 420, but I've backed down to 360.

    Also, I'm not progressing very fast on my upper body. I seem to be at a stand still.

  15. Hey, Ginger...

    it all depends on what your goals are. Do you want to lose fat or gain muscle?

    If you want to lose fat, you cut your calories while maintaining your lift to prevent muscles from going bye-bye. You're just protecting your muscles in cutting (or fat loss) mode. Focus on cardio, every day, 30-minutes.

    If you want to gain muscle mass...well, I don't know what it would be like for a woman, but I stack on another 5-lbs every two weeks. My diet is high protein during this stage, and I do light cardio 3x per week (recumbant bike, treadmill, etc.). Low-fat cottage cheese just before bedtime can protect your muscles during the fasting that happens while you're zonked out.:rolleyes:

    When you fast (even in sleep) your body will turn to the nutrient-rich muscles for energy. That's bad. It'll use those nutrients in your muscles before it uses the fat. :(

    Six small meals per day are better than 3 large ones whether cutting or gaining, with your largest meal during lunch.

    Also, if you overtrain a body part during your gaining mode, it's going to stop responding. Especially if it doesn't have the nutrients that it needs to grow. Give yourself a full day of rest per body part and then do a stretch test before you work them out again. If they're sore, don't work them out - skip to another muscle group. Some people have "chest days" or "leg days". "Arm days" and "core days". I like those, because you can work out six days per week (one rest day) without returning to a muscle group that's still recovering from the last workout.;)

    Also, if you do the same exercise over and over and over, never changing, your body will get used to it and it'll learn to cheat. When that happens, you'll stop seeing results. Mix things up to confuse your body. For example, do your squats on a balancing board. Do your biceps curls with free weights instead of a barbell. Confuse your body and it won't get a chance to get used to things.:p
  16. Wow impressive numbers! I wish I had a leg press machine or something else to work my legs except squats all the time ;)

    Whirlwind, Im so happy daily when I come back here and get to read more of your posts, you are a wealth of bodybuilding information!! Praise God for you my friend.
  17. Don't be too impressed. My upper body gets nowhere. The reverse fly is the worst. 10 reps at 40 lbs, 10 at 50 and I'm lucky to do 4 or 5 at 60 lbs. It;s been that way for a long time. It's like I maxed out already.

    I think I'll do what Whirlwind said. What's a good replacement for the reverse fly? Could I use free weights if I bend forward and raise toward the ceiling? (Sorry, I don't know the proper names for different exercises)

    Mostly I just want to tone up. I look good in clothes (as opposed to a swimsuit). I was blessed with a tall thin frame like my dad. I'm also blessed to have a husband thinks I'm beautiful, but I want to continue to look my best for him and for me.

    I'm very healthy, but I feel so much better both physically and mentally since I've been working out.

  18. Hey! :)

    You can do reverse flies, seated lateral raises, bent-over lateral raises. Mix it up on a balancing board, or decrease the weight and do more reps at a slower speed and make it buuuuuurn! :)

    If you get too wobbly on a balancing board (like I do :eek:) you can also buy one of those huge beachballs and balance on that (face-down). The trick is to have no center of gravity that your body can predict. If you have to balance, you're tricking your body out so that different muscles have to respond one after another to maintain balance. Your body won't know what you're doing, and it won't be able to relax or cheat in an area that you want to work.

    Saviors - I just love reading and learning about this stuff! I was fat for so long in my life and one day I decided to change. It turned into a passionate hobby. People got sick of me always talking about fitness because my tongue couldn't wag fast enough when the subject was brought up, hee hee. I didn't want to bring it up in the forum, so I patiently waited for someone else to, heh.:eek: It's one of those things that I think: Golly, I wish I would have started this sooner!:eek:

    Ginger, think about supplements, too. Soy protein isolate would be good for a woman (methinks) because it also contains plant estrogens. DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) also helps doctor (a woman) is taking this religiously because she still believes it's a miracle supplement that people need beginning in their mid-30s. If you want your muscles to get pumped up and to refuel after a good workout, you can try a Nitric-Oxide supp. These come in horse-tablets and contain L- aminos that allow your body to pump out nitric oxide (dilates the blood vessels in your muscles), delivering nutrients to your damaged muscle fibers. Get some green tea, too. It does wonders! :)

    God bless.
  19. I did upper body and stability ball crunches this morning and something strange happened.

    I did two sets of 25 with 15 lbs. I didn't think I'd make ten on the 3rd set, but at about eight I suddenly didn't feel anything! I did 30 and could have done more.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

  20. Whirlwind,

    Thanks for all the great advice.

    Too bad you don't live in my town. I could use someone to keep me on track. :)

    Are there any soy products that taste good? I remember some place online, I think it's called Dr soy, that has a lot of products.

    Remember, I'm not trying to bulk up, just tone up. I could stand to lose about ten pounds of fat, but I think that will go by itself just because of the extra activity.


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