Anyone into Weightlifting / Bodybuilding?

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  1. Anyone into Weightlifting / Bodybuilding?

    My father and I have been weightlifting / bodybuilding for a couple of months now, and are looking for others with the like passion. Looking to talk supplements, lifts, ect.
  2. I give up every time, I try. May be I should set aside more time for gym during holidays.
  3. No, but i really should. Im like skin and bone i am lol.
  4. I was as a youth, then since military service I'd switched to martial arts.

    Alittle advice- if want to build muscle faster, gain alittle excess weight-( 15-20 lbs fat), go into strict weight lifting using whey protien product shortly after you start.

    Whey protien helps clean out your system, but keeping it healthy, and allows your body to convert whats stored on the body as excess, into muscle. But, it takes raising the metabolism, heart rate and cleaning the body so cells can operate properly and be able to absorb needed components for building muscle.

    Only work your body until you have caused minor ache in muscles during work out. Some people sweat alot more than others, so thats a false belief. Slow, steady working of the body does not over stress, but brings the body to a good metabolism level for consistant muscle building operations, even for a short time after you stop.

    Stay consistant with your lifting regiments. Don't graduate too quickly in weight you lift, so that you don't inadvertantly overstress your muscles.

    Lift weight that makes you work fairly well, but not too hard. Go 15-20 reps. per work out, in groups of 3, first one rep. for arms, one for legs, etc, switching between them for total of 3 times each part you work on. do sit ups, push ups, chin ups all with extra weight when own weight is too light.

    For particular muscle group building, just ask, I'll describe work outs for them.

    God Bless!!
  5. I've started going to the gym daily, sometimes twice for the last couple months. I just got accepted into a Law Enforcement program in school, and I want to gain about 15lbs of muscle.

    For someone like me, its incredibly hard to gain weight. So I've started to eat a lot. We're talking 6 times a day. My average meal plan is like this

    Fruit Smoothie
    Eggs and or Breakfast meats
    Whole Weat toast with honey

    Usually Pasta with lots of meat and whole weat noodles

    Soup or Salad. I'm never hungry at this time of day

    This vaires from day to day, me and my room mate take turns cooking. Its usually stir fry, burgers, Indian food, Mexican food.... you know, easy meals for guys to make

    Supper: I usually just make a whey shake with milk and frozen fruit, and some left overs.
  6. Oh yeah, Here is my workout (I take weekends off, so when I said every day I should have said 5 days a week)

    1) Run 5K and try to beat my time
    2) Abs machine
    3) Back (rowing and pull down)
    4) Arms (free weights)
    5) Bike on high intesity 10 mins (legs)
    6) Swim for 15 mins to loosen up
    7) steam room

    I don't work my legs because they're already tree trunks, and my upper body is that of your average veggitarian :p So that needs work.
  7. I weigh 9 stone lol.
  8. I work out 5 times a week normally. I elliptical and then go on to weights, arms and chest muscles mainly. I've been the scrawny white boy and a year ago I decided that was long over. SHouldn't this be in the Sports section?
  9. I've been around body builders and seem them...but since I'm female I've never pursued it. I guess I don't find muscular women something that I like to see (i.e., lots of muscle and brawn), but it's their choice so I don't discriminate.

    Sometimes, I've seen where body building men get INSANELY huge, like those competitions where they show off their bodies and stuff...I can just imagine a muscle bursting, lol. :p
  10. How much would that be in pounds? [lbs] I've heard of it but I never understood it.
  11. ^^^ That's what most women think, and most of you are WRONG. Just because you lift doesn't mean you get huge. God knows I can't get huge, I probably never will be huge. I'm toned, and working on getting as toned as possible. Women need to be the same.

    Women who work out look good, not the opposite like you think. If you ever feel like you're getting too large in one muscle group (which takes years anyway) you can just stop, and it will decrease.

    Most women do ab workouts, which is good, do those. And I also see them doing those horizontal outward pulls with a band, which makes their chest look more perky and healthy. Do those too. I also see alot of squats and leg lifts, which is also good. Speed is usually what separates the females in sports, since they are more equal as far as upper body goes.

    Women don't get bulky or ugly from working out. Stop thinking that. I can't stand it when women refuse to work out because of this.
  12. I know that. I just meant when they exercise and build a lot. I think it's O.K., I don't discriminate against it at all.

    I never thought women who exercise get "ugly". I do exercise from time to time but it's not really my thing, like lifting weights and all that.

    I don't want to start an argument, but I think that people need to realize when some women say things like that, it's not that they think it's ugly or bad, it's just not an area they'd like to get into or whatever.

    I wish people would actually "read" my posts instead of just finding a little "part" of it to criticize. I clearly stated I don't discriminate against female body builders and find nothing wrong with it.


  13. Yes! It should be in the sports section, however, I do not have the ability to post in there :(

    Anyone have any advise on the other supplements out there? I am currently on a low sugar Mass Gainer instead of pure Whey due to price. I ingest alot of different supplements, most I can tell are working, but I have not tried or am sold on some of the newer ones yet like NO-Xplode. I like to hear real opinions rather than the ads run on most weightlifting forums :)
  14. I have moved the thread to Sports for you.

    SavioursGear why can't you post there? There should not be a problem. Let me know the difficulty and I will try and get it sorted for you.
  15. No idea what I was doing wrong, I am able to post in this section no problem now! Thanks.

    By the way, we are keeping a blog if anyone else is interested. Nothing spectacular, just two normal guys using home gym equipment in my cramped basement :eek: Im almost 30 and my father is 59.


    I knew this would eventually come up! I love it I love it I love it!!!

    I've been lifting now for about four years. About five years ago, I weighed 300 lbs. I had diabetes, I'm a recovering alcoholic, and my cholesterol level was sky-high.

    I began doing cardio and I melted away. Then I got too skinny, so I started lifting.

    My advice: Take pictures. Now. Take photos of you standing facing the camera at a relaxed position; then arms at sides, all muscles flexed. Same with the right side. Same with the left.

    I say take pics, because you have to weigh yourself. The scale will go crazy, believe me. You'll start thinking about cutting out calories, but that might be a bad thing because muscle needs calories to grow. Protein, mainly. If you don't know if you're on the right track, you can take a look at the photos - they can never lie like a scale. Your waistline can be shrinking and your biceps building, but the scale will only tell you that you're gaining weight. That's not all accurate - you're losing fat, gaining muscle. Fat and muscle both have weight, but one is good and one is bad.

    Go to Walmart and buy a big can of Creatine (fruit punch flavor is the one I need to take this with some glucose, but the fruit punch already has this in it). They have regular old creatine...but you need to mix that with something like orange juice. Creatine doesn't have a flavor, but it fuels your muscles and can give you a bigger pump.

    You're 30. Go to a drug store and get yourself a bottle of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone). This is a natural supplement that is already plentiful in your body. But under dire conditions (burn victims and severe DOMS), you can run low. The substance also decreases in your body with age. DHEA helps your body to produce growth hormones and testosterone.

    Protein. Ooops. Run back to Walmart and pick up a big can of whey protein powder. Make sure it's whey. Don't get soy protein! Soy protein contains plant chemicals that can simulate female hormones in your system. Some men have actually grown larger breasts on soy protein protein isolates, so get the whey just to be safe.:eek: Boil yourself some eggs and stick them in the fridge. Eat a couple every day. Don't swallow eggs raw like Rocky did - you can get salmonella poisoning, muscle's worst nightmare.

    You're going to be doing damage to your body. That's what builds muscle. You're ripping your muscle at the microscopic level. When this damage is repaired, the muscle is larger and can handle more stress (lifting). So you need to feed your body right.

    Stay away from hydrogenated oils! Ooooh. They're bad. Anything that is solid at room temperature is probably a hydrogenated oil. What they do is they take normal fats and heat them up to incredible temperatures, and then infuse it with hydrogen. This makes the fat turn solid at room temperature. But it's also a fat that doesn't exist anywhere in nature. Your body doesn't know what to do with it, so it just stores it as fat.

    But not all fats are bad! Look for foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Natural peanut butter (not Jiffy! It contains hydrogenated oils, but declares itself "Natural"). You want the kind of peanut butter that you need to stir, the kind that you can see the oils floating on top. That's the perfect oil for muscle. Guy-fuel. Almonds are also high in this type of fat. So is fish.

    Get lots of fiber and veggies. Broccoli provides the ingredients to help you produce testosterone. So does culiflower. Cabbage. Eat them raw when you can.

    Try to determine what muscle-types you have. There's slow-twitch muscle fibers and fast-twitch. See a doctor about this, and then try to base your workout activities around this.

    Slow twitch takes longer to contract but can keep on going for a very long time. Fast-twitch contracts immediately, but begins to feel fatigued after a short while. If you have more slow-twitch than fast-twitch, there's nothing you can do...these muscle types cannot be converted one from another. If you have mainly slow-twitch, you'll still have them with you when you leave this world.

    Lift for three days, then take one day off to give muscle a chance to recover. You don't build muscle by build it by resting. This gives your body an adequate amount of time for the damage done by lifting to repair itself.

    Never work out a muscle group if you're sore! DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is your body's way of letting you know that there is physical damage inside. Before you lift, do a stretch-test. Flex your muscle to see if you're in DOMS. If you are, skip that muscle for that day and test it again tomorrow. If you work out a sore muscle, you're going to go into overtraining. The damage will not be repaired correctly, and you'll see no growth.

    Never work out sick. If you're sick from the neck up, go ahead. If you're sick from the's better to wait. (example: head cold, but no cough or congestion...go ahead.)

    Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is how your body repairs itself. Sleep is also the time when a majority of your growth hormones are released into your system. If you don't get enough sleep, you aren't being repaired properly. Force yourself, if you have to, to get to bed on time. Force yourself to stay asleep until you've reached the full 8 hours.

    Prepare meals ahead of time. You can make a nice shake by combining: Whey protein, quick oats, cocoa powder (for anti-oxidants), coffee, natural peanut butter in a blender. It might be icky at first, but you'll get used to it and even start craving it.:eek: Have this for breakfast - it's quick and easy.

    Never skip breakfast. It gets your metabolism up and roaring for the day. If you skip breakfast, your body will think it's going to be a scarce day for food and you'll save calories that you eat as fat. Feed your muscles breakfast and you'll grow.

    Antioxidants. Your body is going to be repairing muscle fibers like crazy! For this to happen, your body needs to make new cells. Any time there's a production of new cells, there's a danger of triggering that renegade cell, cancer. Antioxidants fight this.

    Green tea is high in antioxidants, like cocoa powder (unsweetened).

    In a nutshell, here's my routine:

    Biceps, triceps, forearms, abs, deltoids, pecs.

    Quads, hammies, calves, obliques, glutes, neck

    Upright rows, lateral pulldowns, pushups, shrugs

    Rest day (no exercise) - cheat day (eat whatever you want for one meal - pizza, cinnamon rolls, etc)

    Biceps, triceps, forearms, abs, deltoids, pecs


    Your body will adapt! So don't give it a chance to know what you're doing. If you always do your curls with a dumbbell, then your body will get used to it. Your body is tricky at taking the easy way out. It'll figure out how to do as many reps as you want it to without exerting itself. So mix things up. For example, do your curls on a balancing board. Use a curling bar. Do your biceps on machines.

    Look around on the internet for articles to read. Make sure that whoever wrote those articles knows what they're talking about - I once read a very long book and found, on the last page, a picture of a little "dweeb", the author, smiling back at me. This guy wasn't a bodybuilder, and for most of the book I was confused about his advice.:eek:

    Buy magazines and read the articles. I like Fitnexx Rx For Men. The articles are short and informative. Men's Health Magazine is starting to turn into a GQ-copy.:rolleyes:

    Remember: Do this (bodybuilding) for the right reasons. For our God in heaven. For yourself. Never for anybody else. It's His creation, and He loves you enough to give you this ability. Give Him all the glory whenever you look into the mirror. Never take credit for what He has done for you.:)

    God bless you!:D
  17. Are you kidding me Whirlwind? I'm not reading that post. Cliffnotes anyone? :cool:
  18. Hey - he was looking for someone passionate about it. I, Cheezy, am passionate about weightlifting! Whoo-hoo!

    ...erm, and those WERE the cliffnotes!:eek:
  19. Yeah I am too. I've been going for 4 months now, and I'm not getting as big in the arms and chest as I had hoped. I go often, but I don't do everything in your post. I do go 3 times a week, but I don't drink the protein shakes, and I have an indigestion problem in the mornings. For some reason, after I have just woken up, if I try to eat within the first two hours, bad things happen with my stomach and I feel sick the rest of the day. So, that means I usually skip breakfast.

    I need to figure out if I can still make lifting worth it but not have to shove all that weird food down my stomach, especially when it doesn't want any food.

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