Anyone interested in doing Israel Tour in August?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am planning to join this 10-Day Israel Tour that starts on 4th August 2015. Anyone out there who might be interested in joining and sharing a room with me? I am single, mid 30s, considerate, clean and tidy. I would like to avoid paying the expensive single supplement and fellowship with like-minded Christian to encourage each other during the pilgrimage. After the Israel tour, I will most likely to go on a mission trip in the region.

    If anyone (single male traveler) interested, please let me know!
  2. "Members are cautioned that requests of this type are not condoned by the CFS staff and any communications or interactions with the person making the request are done at your own risk. Please review Rules 6.1 and 6.2 before you reply to this request in any way."

  3. Well, that's sad. It seems that the forum's 'well-intended' rules may hinder people connecting for this type of collaboration. But I do understand the importance of privacy and will not share (or request) personal information directly on the forum. Is there a private inbox feature we can use for these types of communication?
  4. No such secure, private contact portal exists at CFS for several reasons. While the intent may be fully legitimate, CFS will not allow the forum to be used for establishing real world personal interaction by way of the open forum.

    If anyone is interested in this trip, we recommend that the interested person contact the originator of this thread by way of Private Messaging, to cautiously get all details.

  5. Okay, if anyone is interested, just send me a private message. What I have in mind is as follows:
    1. We can have a chat (could do a Skype call) first to see if we are both comfortable with each other. If no, we can stop here.
    2. If yes, and happy to do the tour together as roommates, then make all the arrangements directly through the tour operator (just put each other's name in the roommate field on their form, and make the payments separately via the tour operator).
    3. Make our own way to Israel (I live in New Zealand, you are probably from somewhere else) and meet on Day-1 in person. Share the life-changing experience and save cost.
    4. Share some photos and stories on this forum on return.
    5. Set a good example for other single-travellers to consider in the future and most of all strengthen our faith in Christ as a result of the trip. :)
  6. Wow that sounds cool but I'm female and won't be able to share a room if I did go :-(.
    If you going in a group won't they just do group bookings and assign rooms to ppl once you get there?
  7. bummer! I mean..I remember going on holiday once with my good friend but, don't tell anyone..she snored and it really annoyed me.
  8. Thanks for your response Lanolin. I haven't had any others responded to this thread but praise God that I was able to find a group to join in. I was in discussion with another Israel-based Christian tour operator and they preferred not do organise sharing a room with another single traveler on the tour, as it has proven to be a bit problematic in the past for them (understandably). But they were sympathetic about my situation and offered some discount to offset the single supplement cost. There was also cheaper 3-star tourist class accommodation option so I chose that one instead of 4-star. All I need is simple and clean accommodation, and even more so when I am tracing the footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land. I hope you can get to go too one day!
  9. Israel is an interesting country to visit. I went there years ago and hope to return one day. Good luck on your trip.
  10. I wonder how there trip went? It sounds like fun.

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