anyone here purchased digital music from Amazon before?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by 福井舞, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. how does it work?
    do you just download it straight away after you paid?
    and is it in MP3 format?
    and once you download it, can it upload it to as many devices as you desire?
  2. I used to. And yes, it's mp3 format.
    I'm not entirely sure what kind of devices will accept it. I'm sure several.

    I just use iTunes for everything now, though. Have you ever thought of using iTunes?
  3. You can download it to other devices. I use it daily
  4. Amazon is an excellent platform and also works on your home PC should you have one.
    It's a good all round music supplier.
  5. yes, I have tried it a while back
    though at the time Apple only allowed iTune to be used on Apple devices
    on top of it, they only allowed whatever was downloaded to be uploaded to a maximum of two devices.

    I am not quite sure if it is still the same though.
  6. That is the downside of Apple; they are strict as to what is allowed on their devices without jailbreaking them.
    I'm not sure on this one to be honest.
  7. I have once, I had to download an Amazon program or something to get my song, all in all it was simple, but I didn't like that I needed that extra program. Then again this was a year or so ago, it may be a different method now.
  8. I have Amazon music on my iPhone. You can download it from the Apple app store. I really like it. (And my phone is not jailbroken)
  9. Sounds good, thanks for the information.

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