Anyone Here Belong To The "working Poor, Pay Check To Pay Check" Group?

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  1. in another word, you are currently in a job that 20 years ago, would allowed you to be fairly financial comfortable, but because of the changing time, you find yourself with your head just above the water, and living pay check to pay check?

    and how does this affect your relationship with God?

    and do you have faith that God will take care of you regardless whether you will ever be able to buy a house, or have enough saved up for retirement?
  2. Today is my last day at work. I will be unemployed tomorrow. School starts Monday. God will provide.

    My goal is to not be underqualified 20 years from now, hence the going to school. Although, as far as a house goes, I don't want one. I'm a renter. Muuuuuuch better that way.
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  3. Really, that is great

    so which major are you in?
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  4. Whoa! I will be praying for you. Indeed God will provide.
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  5. Thanks! I'm a Religion & Cultural Studies major at the University of Central Florida.

    Thanks to you, too! Also know this is by design and not something that suddenly happened. Basically I wouldn't be able to dedicate enough time and energy to work, school, and my wife/homelife. One of the three had to go. As such, work was the one.

    My wife has her Bachelor degree from Florida Southern College and has a good job. She will be our only source of income. Money will be tight but we are not worried as we know the LORD will provide. Plus we live at the beach and just got a puppy so what more do we need?! [emoji14] [emoji1] [emoji41]



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  6. aaaaw! What a cute puppy wuppy!
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  7. well, good luck with your studies :)
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  8. Thanks again!
  9. Yes that's me!

    Added to that is due to the state of our economy, market related salaries are unchanged for 5 years. Can't leave job / work extra hard not to lose it.

    This is why I am working most evenings and weekends on my own projects. Soon I will be giving myself a nice bonus. Then, hopefully self employed.

    What are your talents? Any possibility / ideas for your own business?
  10. I guess if it wasn't for my wife working as well I would be in that boat. Waiting for wife to finish school and then I'm going to start working for the Lord full time.
  11. I remember those days. At one point I was $110,000 in credit card debt and had a mortgage of $192,000... I prayed the prayer of Jabez in faith, cut up my credit cards and in 2006 sold my house at the prompting of the Lord for $427,000 and am currently debt free - well I co-signed $11k for my son's tuition at GW.
  12. well, at this point I am still in University.

    the reason I asked this question is I am not sure whether I should stick with my current major or switch to something else.

    but I think the number priority right now would be to get a good GPA, so when the time comes, I will have that choice.

    I do see your point though, one of the things I have thought about is optometry, which would give me the skill of starting my own business one day, that said, starting one's business also seem pretty risky....

    I recently ran into this person I knew way back, he told me apparently, one of our mutual acquaintances, who bought this liquor business to run, had filed for bankruptcy, and the thing about this woman is, she may be many things, but being lazy and not determined are not one of them.
  13. I have about 200 dollars to last me two weeks, a tap is leaking so I need a plumber, the wife wants some money for her teeth,
    and I have to pay for petrol and food out of that 200, its going to be pretty tight. But I am blessed. After that I should be right for a while.
  14. I'm overcoming poverty also.

    I tried to get a new ID and they wouldn't accept my U.S. Navy birth certificate issued in Japan. They gave me a web site for a new birth cert., but they want a copy of a valid ID. I can't get one w/o the other, but they won't give me one to begin with. smh.

    Welcome to the U.S.S.A - Ununited Socialist States of obamerica :/
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  15. What will you do?
  16. I'm going to get a new social security card because I lost mine. Then I'll try again to get an I.D.
    I'm going to take more documents, my DD214(military discharge), and I have 2 expired pass-ports. If they won't give me an I.D., then I'm going to ask for a new pass-port. If they still won't help me, then I'm going to ask to speak to a supervisor and see if that doesn't help.

    What irritates me is they won't accept my U.S. Navy issued birth certificate from a U.S. Navy hospital in Japan. Yes, I was made in Japan. *wink*

    Also, they wouldn't accept my drivers license that was expired by a few months.

    And they're giving free I.D.'s to illegal aliens. smh
  17. you might have to go to the border with mexico, walk across, turn around
    and come back over the border with a group of illegal aliens and say your name is Gomez or sanchez or something
    and start life again as a south American immigrant, might need to brush up on your Spanish, get some black hair dye.
  18. I've been mistaken for being of Latin decent before. I tan kind of dark.

    You can start calling me Alejandro. *wink*

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