Anyone have a recipe for Ahi?

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  1. Anyone have a recipe for Ahi?

    When in California we went to a restaurant with a friend who ordered for us one of THEE BEST Ahi Fish dinners EVER! It is quite difficult to duplicate it once you have had it fresh and well cooked.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever made it or have a great recipe?

  2. YAY finally some one who doesnt call it Ahi Tuna... i mean talk about redundant lol. as far as recipies go i dont know any but im sure if you check google you can find a ton of them. one way i like pretty near any kind of fish is wrap it in tin foil with some lemon juice, lemon slices and any herbs you like then bake it allways comes out nice and moiste even if its a bit over cooked (a problem my mother allways has when she cooks fish i personally think fish is suposed to be medium rare especially tuna or salmon...)
  3. Thanks!
    I love cooking in tin foil on the grill! I will try that for sure. I am adventurous like that. I have searched google and found a few also. Just curious if anyone here has made it.
    I honestly didn't know what Ahi was until after I ate it. I am not a huge fish eater except when it comes to crab legs. OH BOY talk about mouth watering! :) :) Shrimp too YUM!
    Thanks again!
  4. yes it is VERY good especially if cooked right. the biggest thing with tuna is to not over cook it. moste fish you can get away with that to a certai extent but tuna tends to be like a steak and can get rather tough. hope it turns out well for you :D. another very nice way to cook fish is in a steamer use all the same herbs and spices as you would when cooking it on a grill or baking it along with lemon juice :)
  5. Here's an interesting one as well...

    Seared Ahi Tuna Recipe | Simply Recipes

    However, you can also use olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice in the pan to cook the tuna, but this reduces as it cooks and becomes a nice topping sauce.

    We serve ours over wild rice with asparagus tips on the side and browned yellow onion rings on top as well as the sauce reduction...

  6. mmmm that recipie looks VERY nice if i can ever find some tuna out here (i live on the coast and it seems like no stores have tuna... strange lol) and its not horribly expensive i may have to try that
  7. Goodness is my mouth watering!!!!!!!! lol

  8. PastorGary, that site is great fo recipes. Just bookmarked it . Thanks.
  9. You're welcome - I have used that site for a couple years to balance spice combinations with proteins. Very usefull, indeed. :)

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