Any One Does Martial Arts Here?

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  1. judo, aikido, juijitsu etc
  2. I do. Started out in Taekwondo as a kid, moved to CHA3 Kenpo, American Kenpo, then while in military became an instructor in Jeet Kune Do (original) and messed around with Krav Maga. I use to teach part time and will be starting small classes where I live now.
  3. I knew I had a good friend in you Ceile De:D I could have used you in some of my jail and prison ministry:LOL:
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  4. Haha. You do know I use to be a corrections officer for 8 yrs
  5. Cool my family is full of law enforcement types. Some very big shots... I took another path for a while until the Spirit of God put me under the most wonderful arrest. Some of those guys would attempt to get a bluff on me, and I always replied that I did not believe God would allow them to touch me, and then even if He did I was not so sure they would so be happy with the outcome. But it kinda earn me some respect with them and some of them even opened up to the truth, because they seen I was not afraid.
  6. That is great you do prison ministry. It has crossed my mind a few times.
  7. Well I did for years and want to start again...kinda waiting on the Lord to open another door...I just stopped one day as if the grace to do it had left me... But my heart is still filled with passion for these folks and I know God will open another door when the time is right:)
  8. I've competed in many open tournaments, and street fights, but I have retired undefeated.
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  9. Took Karate instruction at National Karate from September 2008 to April 2009. My eldest son, who is now 19, attended for about two years and practiced sparring/kick-boxing. My youngest son, age 16, practiced for about 4-5 years and rose to red belt. A valuable skill and good for boosting self confidence. ;)
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  10. really, so which one of those would you recommend? in terms of most effective in a real life self defense situation?
  11. Can any of you guys chop a wood in half?

  12. I would say Krav Maga would be the quickest one to learn for self-defense. It is pretty straight forward and not a lot of moves. Kenpo is good as well but more traditional and has a lot of moves per technique. Jeet Kune Do is my choice. It takes longer and doesn't necessarily teach you how to defend against a certain attack. JKD teaches to intercept the attack before it gets to you.
  13. I've done some Brazilian jiu jitsu, and it's awesome. I've also heard that Krav Maga is the best for self defense, but I haven't tried it yet.
  14. I did some tai chi years ago. I loved it. Stopped because of certain circumstances in my life prevented me from continuing.
  15. I trained in Karate off an on for about 25 years. I've been out for the past few years, but I always think that I'll go back at some point or another.
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  16. I wish but I do not. sister knows TKD.
  17. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is awesome and if you watch Royce Gracie's fights you'll see that BJJ is probably the most effective martial art in the world. The best thing about BJJ is that you can easily defeat those who are bigger and stronger. The negative aspect of BJJ is that it is useless if you are facing more than one opponent at the same time. Krav Maga seems like a phony martial art. They only do demonstrations. I don't have much respect for them. Also, I heard that BJJ can be bad for the brain because of the chokes, but I don't know if this is true.

    PS: I practiced Kung Fu and Tae Kwondo, but I was really bad at both things. My record in tournaments is 10 defeats - 1 victory.
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  18. using an ax, with difficulty, given time

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