Any Honest Atheists?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KingJ, May 5, 2014.

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  1. Is there such a thing?

    With evidence of God from 1. intelligent design available simply by looking at the palm of our hand ( and 2. the simple math in a realm limited by the laws of physics (0+0 does never equal 1), who in their right mind can honestly deny the existence of God? We should all in the least, be agnostics.

    Christians are biased indeed! Because Jesus changed our lives. We can no longer doubt after 1 Cor 12:3. Similar to Peter's experience in Matt 16:16-17. We either had the revelation from the Holy Spirit that Jesus is more then a mortal man that walked the Earth or we have not. If we have and are now rebelling against God, we are simply liars.

    A baby doesn't reach the age of understanding and suddenly conclude there is no God. Likewise conclude that Jesus is God. Without outside influence. But someone reaching the age of understanding with no outside influence can conclude there is a God from simply looking at themselves in the mirror.

    Every atheist is influenced to be biased. The first question we need to ask them is 'why the bias'. There has to be a reason for the bias.

    It is my conclusion that every atheist who is an ex-Christian is blaming God for something. Now if we would hear unbiased judgement of God, we may believe them more. But any discussion with an atheist that lasts longer then a minute reveals extremely biased and false judgement. They are all too eager to bash Christianity for a reason.

    There is hence, no such thing as an honest atheist. They are all dishonest. Now if only they can be honest with themselves. After a while, God gives us over to the tripe we want to brainwash our minds with. Atheism is the 'go to belief' for all who take offence with God.

    They are all ignoring / stalling the need to deal with 1 Cor 11:31 For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. When you don't want to get on your knees and deal with your sin, you entertain atheism. It provides a distraction from reality and impending judgement day. Kind of like being a drunkard when in poverty.
  2. I'm agnostic but anyway...

    what do you think God did to offend me?

    what am i blaming him for?
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    Wow, so you are calling all your nonchristian friends who always show you love and try to help you out in life, liars...... Why are you even friends with them if you think that poorly of them? Why do they even show you love if they are "liars"???? Why do you even associate yourself with them? I have many nonchristian friends and christian friends, and I wouldnt call them a liar. I wouldn't call anyone a liar.
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  4. KingJ, you are generalizing a lot. That's like non Christians saying all Christians hate US soldiers. It's not correct. I've met atheists and agnostic people that aren't insulting at all and are very good people.
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  5. My whole family are atheists. They think we are from amoeba's. Still they are honest and loving. The only thing is they are not saved. But i still pray for them.
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  6. I hear ya. My family (including in-laws) are a mix of agnostics, atheists, lukewarm Christians, lost Christians, you name it. I also pray for them. I haven't in a while though, I'll have to put that on my prayer agenda for tonight.
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  7. Thank you for agreeing that non believers that show love aren't called sinners. Nonbelievers that show love should not be called sinners. Anyone who do not show love should be called sinners. It doesn't matter if they believe in Jesus or not.
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  8. This doesn't meant that atheists and agnostics and those that are not saved are not sinners; they are indeed of sin. It's only by Grace and the blood of Christ that we become dead to sin.
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  9. but by calling atheist/agnostic sinners, we are automatically assuming they are out to do harm to other people. That is a false preconception. There are some atheist/agnostics that will show love. Is it possible for a "sinner" to show love though?
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  10. What is love outside of God's love?
  11. What is your definition of sin?

    I just want to make sure I fully understand what is being said, before I engage :)
  12. humanity love that doesn't concern itself with the afterlife.
  13. Indeed they can show love but they are still under the law which is automatic condemnation and death. Also, those who are not saved are not Christ centered so they either do it for someone else out of self-righteousness or some other reason, leaving out Jesus which should be their rock and cornerstone.
  14. Not even close. You are not paying attention to what is written.

    ALL Christians are biased for ONE reason. Likewise all athiests' are biased for ONE reason. The 'blur' is NOT in my analogy but rather in Atheists defining their belief. They are confused individuals. Agnostics today and cold blooded atheists tomorrow.

    Pure athiesm is by definition biased. Now there is ONLY one reason for 'pure' bias that I can think of. Can you think of another?
  15. Please elaborate...
  16. what if they are doing it because they sincerely care for others, not because they want to look good?
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  17. humanity love are just people who just kick heaven and hell out of the picture (because they don't believe in such places and it doesn't make sense to them) and show love to each other because they sincerely care for others, not because they want to look good.
  18. Again, those people are not saved, are not Christ centered so they can do all the good works they want, love whoever they want, care for whoever they want but that does not negate their condemnation and death on the day of judgment.
  19. if this is how you truly believe, then don't accept atheist/agnostic's help when they are trying to help you in your life. You can be paranoid about them hurting you all the time and trying to lie to you.
  20. "Calling atheist/agnostic sinners"
    what else would they be?
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