Any Furry Christian Out Here?

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  1. Is this about having an animal name and what not?
  2. Yes, Thanks for your reply. It was kind of empty here.
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  3. You're welcome. I used to be one, but decided to stop because in my opinion it
    was childish. I felt God wouldn't want me to be one. I was a wolf if you must know. And please don't try to convince me to do it again. I know you're not, but I'm just gently telling you not to. Anyway , it does get dead in here. But it picks up after a while.
  4. Can someone please explain the point of being a 'furry'? Why do you choose to participate in a 'fantasy' world?
  5. Here is what I found @Brian Kurkjian:

    Furries are people who love anthropomorphic (humanized) animals, and often identify themselves with them. Many see thier inner selves as an anthro, and also many are attracted to anthros sexually, though this is not a requirement.
    To sum it all up, furry is a fandom. Hence the term "furry fandom".

    Hope you get it.
  6. Kind of strange. To each his own, I guess. :cool:

  7. Yeah. Not my cup of tea.

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