Any fighters or MMA fans here? (UFC,etc)..

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  1. Any fighters or MMA fans here? (UFC,etc)..

    Just wondering if there are any followers or people that compete here in MMA or submission fighting.....

    I have a submission record of 1-1....and I absolutely love the sport....
    I know a lot of people see it as brutal..but its really a beautiful, technical sport!!
    I think that its reputation is just tarnished by a few people.....but for the most part fighters have a huge amount of respect for eachother!!.

    and some big names are Christians too!!....matt hughes, couture, rich franklin....just to name a few!!

    PROMOTE GOD THROUGH FIGHTING!! Its a beautiful thing......
  2. Do you get to whack someone with a stick...hard...more than once? :snitch:
  3. I'm not a fan of MMA but I did wrestle for about 12 years in my younger days.
  4. MEN!!!
    :cap: :cool: :party: :medieval:
  5. We can't help it, we are what we are...he, he...
  6. Well, I'm glad!
    What would we do without you guys?
  7. i personally LOOOOVVEEE UFC!! randy couture and chuch lidell are my favs!!! (OF COURSE)
  8. I like to watch UFC when I can.
  9. Its really a great sport.....and a lot to learn if your training...

    I have played sports all my life up through college...and nothing has been more physically or mentally challenging then submission fighting....

    and my fiancée is starting to like it more too....(took awhile but I got her to notice how technical it can be)....its like a very physical version of
    check out my website.....Im trying to make an impact in the sport....its the first of its kind!!
    Did you know some top fighters are Christians??....Matt Hughes, Couture, lindland, franklin...just to name a few!!
  10. That is not at all surprising as to follow Jesus is to have an excellent spirit in all you do.
  11. Exactly........and when someones trying to beat on you, what do you say?

    Help me God Help me God!!!

    just makes sense....
  12. Christians make excellent soldiers.
    Christians make excellent fighters.
    I took martial arts as a young man and was not to bad with them. I am not sure what I could do now as I have had more than a few medical problems. But I would take the old crippled guy with Jesus over the youmg whippersnapper without Him. If anyone messes with me I have to stop and pray for them immediately as my Father takes very good care of me.
  13. i train in bjj and boxing. im really glad that there are some fans here. i've been a poster on sherdog for awhile and it is not exactly filled with Christians. i was looking for another forum to join and saw this thread and decided to join. glad to be here.
  14. cool man....yeah Im on Sherdog also.....bunch of ornery people over

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