any done research on The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

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  1. was it mary who appeard and show herself ? and anyone can link proof ? and i quess conchita recived a message?
  2. I know nothing about this except from a movie I saw in the 70's about it. What's with all the questions?
  3. There are other Threads discussing this; just do a search in that little search box up there ^^^
  4. The miracle of Fatima is a pretty incredible story. Officially, the Catholic Church has declared it to be valid that it was Mary who interceded directly.
  5. St. Mary appeared to the children, told them there was going to be a miracle, thousands went to watch, and the miracles occurred and were witnessed by thousands. St. Mary has been quite busy over the centuries, as have many other saints. But many refuse to accept it as it would destroy many of their most cherished preconceived notions.
  6. There are several interesting videos on youtube about Fatima. I found this one interesting as, apparently, Martin claims to have seen the 3rd secret before it was released.


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