Any Advice/links To Legitimate "work At Home" Businesses?

Discussion in 'Business and Finance' started by Scripture Bird, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows of legitimate sources for the work at home market? I'd love something that I can do on my off time.
  2. Try click bank if you are just starting out.
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  3. Wow! That's a great question! My husband is retired early and now cannot work due to suffering a stroke last July, and I really need to find a way to bring in a little extra money for some breathing space!
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  4. clickbank, ppd, ppi, adsense
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  5. There was this health site I made a few hundred off of after a couple hours of work. I can't remember the name but will look for it tomorrow.
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  6. :) Thank you all for your help. I will check those out.

    Turns out it may help another member too. ((Hugs Euphemia)) What a blessing. :love:
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  7. I found clickbank (here).
    Adsense is a Google holding. (here)

    There are a number of hits for ppi and ppd. Would you please share the full name that applies to those acronyms?
  8. That would be wonderful. Thank you. :)
  9. If you have some skills to offer, Freelancer, Elance and oDesk are sites for freelancers ranging from computer techies to grammar correction, copy-editing and even photographers. I found it helpful. It's difficult to start because no one knows you but once you get it going, you could get a decent income. Some hardcore freelancers do some odd jobs (because of their expertise) and rake in a few thousand for a project and then get off for a while until they run out of cash. I started getting into freelancing last year when I got married and finances got a bit tighter. For me, it was God's way of providing because even though I was new, I was given a couple of projects which paid double what the average freelancer would have gotten at that time.

    In all things, trust Him who works all things for the good of those who love Him. He never forsakes and never forgets.
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  10. I need some freelance type work. Pm me anyone interested.
  11. Thanks, Edwin! You've given me a place to start.
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  12. I've actually been meaning to go to odesk or freelancer to hire someone to write content.
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  13. :love: It is such a blessing that so many resources are arriving in this thread. Thank you all so much for sharing here. May God bless each and every one who is looking for extra income and happens upon these pages.
  14. I decided to share my freelancing experience and wrote a short blurb about it. :)
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  15. :) God bless you.
  16. Here is some: - (I spent 10 minutes on this one, then started getting checks in the mail. I forgot what I had done, and thought the checks I was getting were fake. - You can make a good amount here, just gotta find something you're interested in. - I know people who have made a good amount here. - affiliate type stuff - get paid to post comments on forums. I don't make anything here, but I do pay. - made okay amount here, but only spent maybe an hour with it.
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  17. Thank you for sharing those. :) God bless you.

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