Anti-social Headphones

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Mark_18, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Anti-social Headphones

    I put my two headphone ear buds face to face and they just turn their heads, and want nothing to do with each other. What's up with this, why so hostile and anti-social? They do their thing and work in perfect harmony together and they always agree with each other. Maybe they've been scarred somehow, and have issues with being intimate? :confused::(

    Does anyone else know headphones with social/ intimacy problems like this?
  2. No… but I have a couple of magnets who just hate each other.
    They don’t like to face each other, and one always sucker punches the other from the back.

    That’s just rude. :cool:
  3. All my headphones are like that =x
  4. iv,e got a huge magnetic globe,since i came back to Jesus the world is always upside down,fitting really .:eek:
  5. I'm a noob on this site, but did you and smellycat switch brains before this post :D:D:D.
  6. Preach it! :cool:
  7. LOL!!! what a whoot!!! Maybe the earphones didn't like what each other smelt like, I mean come on, ever smell ear wax???!!!, hmmmm something to think about me thinks.....
  8. Hey Michael.... Glad you are back and don't worry m8 the world is not your home . You are just an alien........ He he..... so who cares if it is upside down , then you can turn people right side up .... wooo ---- hoooo.

  9. we are called a perculiar people,i have no idea why.:eek::eek::p:D

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