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  1. anti-prayer

    Does the Bible ever mention people that instead of adding to the power of prayer, they drain it?
  2. Not to my knowledge. We are simply to pray according to His will and in faith expecting to receive that which we ask for.
  3. Alright, I only ask because as I was praying for someone another girl came up and laid hands on the person as well. As soon as the other girl started praying it was as though the power in the prayer was drained.

    After posting the question I found where Paul mentioned false apostles and that seems to be what this girl is. I’ve had my doubts about her in the past and asked God to show me the truth about her. I think perhaps this incident gave me my answer.
  4. Interesting. I do not think anyone can stop God from answering your prayer though unless they distract you or cause you doubt and unbelief. God wants to move and He is simply waiting for a heart to pour out on. I you have doubts about this girl you need to pray for her.
  5. I agree with Boanerges.

    I was thinking of how God answered prayer in 1 Kings 18 right in the midst of many false prophets .

    Remember also 1 John 4:4
  6. When we pray, we establish an open connection to our beloved God, I like to think. An active line between our hearts and Him, our Master. That connection is possible because of His great love for us, He loves us so much.:D

    When I pray, it's not for the sick to hear or others who are praying for the sick. It's not a contest to see whose prayer is more heartfelt and honest. Prayer is for my God alone, and so I choose my words carefully because He deserves to hear the best from my heart. He sees all of me anyway. Am I praying just so the sick will hear how concerned I am? If that's the reason, then there's my reward right there.:eek:

    Don't worry, my friend!:) Your prayer isn't what heals, it has no power in itself. Your prayer is your communication with our Living God, and He acts on your behalf when He sees that you're praying not for yourself or your own glory...but for His.:smile_anim:

    I think the only one who has the power to take away anything from our ourselves.;)

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