Another Recommendation - "American River"

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  1. Another Recommendation - "American River"

    "American River", a CD from pianist and composer Jonathan Elias, comes highly recommended. Mr. Elias has put together a classical array of melodies and commentary which brings out the very best in what the beauty of the land and waters in the USA and Canada has to offer.

    MANY persons in the USA and Canada have already heard some of Jonathan Elias's works and do not even know it. The next time you see the Valspar Paint Corporation advertising commercial on TV and hear the "Echo" style of music in the background, that is an excerpt from his CD performance of "The Great Divide" as found on "American River" track eleven..

    This CD, "American River", is available through many sources - one of which is Barnes and Noble Booksellers - audio/video department.

    Thank You... and enjoy.


    "American River"
    Jonathan Elias
    UPC - 602498630099
    Genre: Classical
    On the Decca label.

  2. Thank you~

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