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  1. Another question

    Okay, I actually have a couple of questions. Some of them have been questions that have nagged at me since I first started joining forums. I will number them:

    1. How can you tell if someone has you on their ignore list? This question came up several times but I never really asked it. On several forums I have heard people say, "Oh, such-and-such has me on her ignore list!", etc. etc, and wondered how you can find out.

    2. I believe that if you have the same status as another member (regular, moderator, etc.), when they are on 'Invisible Mode', you can see them regardless of that fact. I'm not sure if this is still the same. If you are on Invisible Mode, can regular members see you (if you are a regular member)? This question has also been nagging at me. :D

    3. Avatar size - I noticed that the avatars are extremely small and you can barely see the features unless you use the forums avatar selection. Is there anyway that the custom avatar size can be adjusted a little? If not, that's fine. I was just curious as I noticed that all my custom avatars were distorted.

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  4. The next time that Jeff is logged in, he will address your questions.

    Thank you for your patience.
  5. Hey sis, I will attempt to answer two of your questions and I will send an email to Jeff for the other.

    1. There is no way of telling if a member decides to place another member on their ignore list. It is alot like a friends request. when you send a friend's request to someone, their avatar will not appear on your profile page unless they accept. If they don't accept, the their avatar will never appear on your profile. You do not get any notifications that someone does not accept you.

    2. If a member goes into invisible mode, the staff can still see the person but members cannot. Only staff members can see those in invisible mode. Regular members cannot see those who go into invisible mode

    3. The avatar question I will need to get more information from Jeff concerning that.

    Hope this helps,


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