Another one for Ladies only

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by adoptivemommy, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Another one for Ladies only

    Given our friend Mark last thread, here's a question for you. Just how many times do you look in the mirror during a day?:D

    Appx. of course! I don't think no one really knows for sure. For me, it depends on the occasion. Maybe 10-20 times?...

  2. Twice.

    Once in the morning when wahsed and done teeth etc...and once midafternoon to sort out hair and tidy up.

    if I am going out some place and need make up add another 2...but those times are very few and far between.
  3. Hmmm ..... Got to think about that one.

    Well it depends on what I have going on in the day . But to tell you the truth , I can't pin it down to so many times .

    But , I am also not one to spend hours doing makeup and stuff either . Even when I go out . It doesn't take that long .

    Now you got me cpounting , I will count tomorrow.:D
  4. Lets see now. Normal work day, shower, dress, do make-up while eating breakfast on the bathroom sink, brush hair, if shampoo hair (hair dries naturally in a natural wave).
    So thats once. And at the office, in the ladies room, there happens to be a mirror over the sink where you wash your hands, does that count--usually no touch up happens. Sometimes when I meet my husband for dinner, or go out with the girls, I usually say to myself, boy I have not looked at my face all day, then I check it out.
    And then homeward bound and thats it. On weekends, 10 mins. then off to weekend errands.
  5. around 20 times xD, in the past more =D
  6. Hey , Rams .... He he .... Are you a lady ? :D:D:D
  7. I also did not count the times I wash my hands after using the loo or preparing food. I assumed the quesiton to mean use the mirror to see if I looked decent for the day.
  8. Just to share---My OH, who has very short hair and balding in the middle verses me with shoulder length hair, he will use the hair dryer much longer than I. In fact, I don't use a hair dryer, and don't pack one for vacations.
  9. LOL OOPS! I didn't pay attention to the title Dusty xD!!!!!!!!! but count me in ! jk :p
  10. harharrr me too :D:eek:
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