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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by sharon, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Another new member

    :fish:Hello Everyone. I am a REAL newbie. Never been on a forum of any kind before. I live in Victoria, Australia and would love to be involved with any discussions going. God Bless
  2. Welcome to CFS Sharon. You'll get a lot friends here. :) By the way, I have been staying in Victoria since 2006. I moved here from India for my higher education.
  3. HI, don't feel bad, I am new to and never did forums either. It seems nice enough
  4. Hi Sharon,

    Welcome to CFS. I'm sure you'll enjoy the fellowship here. What part of Vic are you in? I'm at Boolarra (where the fires have just gone through.)


  5. Hi Sharon! What a great place to live! :) I live in Victoria as well. Whereabouts are you in Victoria?

    This forum is great and you will make many good friends on here!
  6. welcome sharon!
  7. new member

    Hello Sharon
    I am in NSW. Welcome.:welcome:
  8. Hi Sharon,

    Welcome to the forums...Another new Victorian here as well...Great to have you on board...

    Rock on

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