Another Fill In The Blank

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  1. Another Fill In The Blank

    Adam and _______.
  2. Eve

    and then start a new one
  3. Sampson and _______________
  4. Delilah

    Cain and ____________________
  5. Cain and Able

    David and ________________
  6. Goliath?

    Abraham and____
  7. Abraham and Sarah

    Pricilla and _____________
  8. Aquilla

    Paul and ___
  9. Peter and Mary, but usually Paul is listed in the middle. They had some pretty good music back in the day and.....what? Oh! THAT Paul....then the answer is, of course, Barnabas.

    Hophni and _______
  10. Phinehas

    Ruth and ___________
  11. Ruth and Boaz

    Esther and ____________
  12. Mordecai!

    Zorobabel or Zerubbabel (Love saying that name!) & ________
  13. King Jehiachin

    Eunice and ______
  14. Timothy, or Lois?

    Dinah & _______. (Not a nice guy)
  15. Hmmm .... I thought Dinah was a woman .... Daughter of Jacob and Leah

    Deborah and ______________
  16. She was...the man (Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite) in the story wasn't so nice of a guy...

    Deborah & Lapidoth (I'd have called him Lapi) besides, what doth Lapi do?

    or could it have been our Prez, Barak?

    (My, I am in a silly mood today!)

    James & ______?
  17. James ...... son of Zebadee

    Jacob and _______________
  18. Jacob & Rachel

    David & his lady love_______?
  19. Bathsheba

    Moses and ____________________
  20. Moses and Aaron

    Daniel and ______

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