Another False Prophet

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  1. He doesn't sound like a false prophet as much as someone who doesn't actually read the Bible as much as he should. Church doesn't spoon feed you Scripture so you can't trust them to tell you every verse.
  2. Well he is probably about to go main stream and this is just a publicity stunt... The folks who handle these people control them in almost every respect, this is not an accident...
  3. Yeah, I guess false profit was a bit harsh. I just don't understand his tweets. The Bible cannot be more clear on that subject. Not sure where the confusion or misinterpretation comes from.
  4. I know some of these guys who make these deals with these music people..some have to sign over complete control of their life to these managers...and many in the "Christian" groups are there because they could not get into the main stream..they are just waiting to go into the secular scene where they can make much more money , fame etc... watch this guy will be going into the secular music in a matter of weeks or months and this was just a way to kind of make him acceptable to that group...
  5. Probably just because he rarely reads it. If you aren't reading your Bible daily then you probably don't know what it says. If he would have bothered to even try to look it up before running his mouth (or fingers) then he wouldn't look like an idiot to people that actually spend time in the Word.

    Unfortunately, that does happen a lot. These bands make two or three Christian albums and then drop the label and say they don't believe in any of it anymore. I don't think those people ever did, honestly. It's probably easier to get into a record label like Solid State because they don't have nearly as many people trying to get with them.
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  6. That would surprise me if that happened, but not far fetched.
  7. Remember you heard it here first...;)
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  8. Think about it..this guy is finished in the "Christian" scene...he gets to go secular with this as his calling card...they will give him a music award for courage and he will be their hero...

    Not only that he gets to blame it on those mean ole "Christians" that hate gay people...its a perfect set-up to go secular
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  9. I read the re-tweets and all I can say is wow. I think this is a good example of people who really don't have a clue what the bible says. Here we are debating certain words here and there on translation and these other people don't even understand the simple truths of the bible.

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