Another Blond Joke

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  1. Another Blond Joke

    A group of men and one blonde lady were in a boat together when the boat started to get into some difficulty. The boat started to take on water and they had to send out a distress signal. In the nick of time a rescue helicopter arrived, a rope was let down to the stricken boat and they were told to all grab hold of it so that they could be pulled to safety. Unfortunately there were too many people clinging to the rope and the pilot in the helicopter said that it was no good - someone would have to let go of the rope all they would all be doomed. Each man called out why he could not be sacrificed, then the blonde cried "I am only a woman, I know my place. My place is to support men and to provide for their every need. My place is to sacrifice myself so that they should survive"

    At hearing this speech, all the men clapped....

  2. I say that's one smart blond!
  3. There must be one..........:D
  4. :cool::cool::cool::D:D:D:):):) Three cheers for the blonde

  5. well
    thats funny
  6. Hmmmm I may bleach my hair now...
  7. I'm confused. :confused:

    If I was on that rope I would sacrafice my life for that woman's. Is that wrong?

    Can someone show me the scripture on this?

    Or is everyone being sarcastic? :rolleyes: lol

  8. you're in the humor forum...nearly EVERYTHING is tongue-in-cheek...:D

    I like my brown reminds me of chocolate...not that white-so-called-chocolate stuff.
  9. Heh Tidd that is why this is in the humor section !:)

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